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Laird Hamilton – The greatest big wave surfer to have lived?

Laird Hamilton compilation from the film ‘Laird’. Please note: This is not my film. I have simply edited out my favourite scene/song for your enjoyment. Please buy the full ‘Laird’ DVD at

Song is ‘Isolate’ by ‘Bender’

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kawaiss gameplays says:

the name of the song

ivan carretti says:

Laird Hamilton is really of god the sea, a man of great courage and surfing is proof, you can see the spirituality in adressing sports, he's costantly looking wave biggest, that' how you have to do for a lifetime.

paul burce says:

I love how he touches the water as he surfs its as if he is telling the wave" I own you bitch"

Samson Grigorian says:

Wow, he really is amazing. The MJ of surfing for sure. What I would give to see him and Duke surfing big waves together! I don't think anybody alive rides a wave with his harmony, technique and grace. When he drops in he becomes part of the wave itself. Having had the privilege of seeing him ride in person is really the only way you can do justice for truly appreciating this man's skill. Greatest of all time. No doubt about it. 

Romeo Sorzio says:

My mum see him ?✋?

Ian Widdicombe says:

Lord Hamilton …

Thomas Atkinson says:

We all know Laird likes a bit of male attention. He has often stated it is imperative that he receives penis exclusively in his anal orifice. 

Darrell West says:

Still one of the dopest surf clips ever.

revo1974 says:

Looks to me that his feet are strapped to the board. How is that pure surfing? 

tiffsaver says:

There are LOTS of superb big wave riders in the world today, but if I had to give one man the title, it would have to be LAIRD HAMILTON.  Superb waterman, other worldly technique, balls of steel… he had it all.

Julian Reguly says:


mitchell smith says:

I 'd say one of the best waterman surf, tow in , wind surf , cluby mal , etc

Jeff Kennedy says:

Should probably take away the "?" in the video title.

truthaboveagenda says:

The force of those waves- WOW.

LowerTheBoom1 says:

I really dont think people should be allowed to do the SURFING that is a dumb and frivalous activity get a JOB!

The Angry Beaver says:

+MrSamywammy Couldn’t agree with you more MrSamywammy I remember seeing Paul Wasternabi years ago now, he was on the Thames in London. UNBELIEVABLE! 

María del Rosario Eguía says:

I love surfing!
Surfers are great!

Chuck Conkle says:

Still the best….ever…..

Luiz Bruneri says:

Ocaldo PONTO com PONTO br

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