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Laird Hamilton Conquers Teahupo'o (1080p)

Promotional only.
Taken from the documentary :
Take Every Wave – The Life of Laird Hamilton (2017)

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@rollergaspard1 says:

Love the look At 35-38 seconds

@Reafroad151 says:

Someone would challenge the beast first. Who else other than Laird?

@josephastier7421 says:

4:05 Oh my God

@UnbrickableYT says:

Beautifull, honest footage!

@hughjaynus4374 says:

Superman is a surfer..

@iamdeepsea says:

Huevos, cohones, balls. of. steel. And I'm pretty sure his neck could take a .50 caliber round

@mykelengieza7057 says:

Wave of heaviest consequence…that hits on so many levels

@markrice1048 says:

youl never b beaten,,and on ya backhand,, nothing will ever compare.

@scotthylton says:

You know it's flat when even Justin isn't out!😂

@terryjohinke8065 says:

Pretty darn good considering he's riding backhand also. This guy trains hard to be in condition but, I believe, people have been killed there. I always thought boards had to have ski straps as when I rode big ones in the west of Australia the vibrations on a 6'11" board were realy choppy. It's not as much fun but a heck of a challenge. Laird does it well.

@mattosful1 says:

This wave changed surfing history.

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