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Kelly Slater Pulls In Behind Local Surfer #shorts

Kelly Slater:
Betet Merta:

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#SurfingBali #PadangPadang #SurfingIndonesia

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@jihadpierce says:


@jaredred6310 says:

Theres no “pulls in behind,” Slater got snaked, guy was nice about it I guess. Sometimes the only option is ride it out.

@optioningthabears861 says:

Party wave with the goat. Bro gonna tell a few people about this one

@user-ke5bn4vg5x says:

Respect for being a real wood n staying humble

@hopefullrideon says:

Hey look at them sharing waves and having a good trip! Who would have thought?!

@deanhassall4386 says:

Once in a life time

@kingpinsmith22 says:

He seemed angry

@michaelfroger1816 says:

Definitely co-ordinated. That's not a drop in.

@asod187 says:

As a Mountainbiker I gotta say I am impressed.

@AdA-rl4eo says:

A moment he’ll remember until the end! That was epic

@hexane8 says:

That's lombok

@calldomdatallc7001 says:

The man embodies the endless summer

@djjorgecastellanos4972 says:

This made me Smile and I needed that today 😃💚

@jeffcook8879 says:

Oh that’s slater!

@Md40407 says:

Was he trying to bully him? It’s corny how ppl fight over waves lol

@MasterRoshi_007 says:

This video is golden ❤

@Uthu777 says:

I just found out Padang2 got barrel 😅

@joshuahlubb8851 says:

If I was to look over and see the goat on the same wave as me………man

@kuntekinte2687 says:

Padang padang so feirce they named it twice

@ViralGshorts says:

Damn that ride was cool af

@ericbergstrom1 says:

Slater has surfed enough waves. Give someone else a chance lol

@keikeixyy-5824 says:

確信犯 目視したのに。

@joeysalas7923 says:

I can die now

@C45697 says:

Best game of my childhood Kelly slater 2003 pro surfer

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