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Kelly Slater on the wipeout that nearly killed him

Kelly Slater shares life-threatening surfing experiences, including two-wave hold-down and getting knocked out in France. Slater calls the Banzai Pipeline in Hawaii and Mavericks at Half Moon Bay in Northern California two of the most dangerous surf spots.

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Episode debuted nationwide in 2016.

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Krs Villegas says:

I am nothing you will never know this YouTuber

john mazuera says:

Thought he was gonna say teahupo’o and pipe for most dangerous but the way he described Mavericks was terrifying, you can tell he has a lot of respect for that wave in NorCal

GratefulMind 01 says:

Slaters been cloned

munir dion says:

Jangan sakiti saya lagi

James Kolesnikovich says:

Alright Kelly so what should people do…

WaveCatcher says:

The only reason Kelly is so good is because he practices black magic. Theres a lot of videos of him doing rituals that consist of him dancing around naked and peeing on his surf boards for good luck.Great guy though

coconutfleet fever says:

Manspread xD

Del Cee says:

Kelly Slater 🏀 🏀

brendon leary says:

Kelly's Mum still hems up his pants.

Ian Dog says:

Only Kelly Slater can sit like that.

BC Bob says:

Kelly is the one sitting all bow legged @ 0:37?

A Rarefind says:

Kelly, and one of these comments you did WHAT to a dolphin… I hate you if it's true

ThatSly B says:

Where are those waves in the begining? They didnt mention a spot

Charm Gaming says:

Who else wants to surf Nazare but is terrified

Thomas O'Callaghan says:

Love Slate, surfed with him a few times and a super nice guy,Fiji almost killed me

Kevin Rustles says:

Says pipeline is the most dangerous wave hes ever surfed. Then theres jamie obrien on pipeline doing board transfers off an inflatable flamingo wearing a speedo.

jjj 1 says:

this is a good video.

HumbleDew says:

I had a 2 wave hold in SO CAL, i surfred with a new friend who took me to his spot. Little did i know it was sketchy ass beach break. I was held down to the point i thought i was gonna drown. I relaxed to embrace death and all of a sudden i was shot onto the beach. Board broke.

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