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Kelly Says… Och Aye – Episode 3

Meet two surf girls willing to make fools of themselves. Hannah and Dannie are UK wahines not afraid to do stupid shit in front of the camera. Subscribe To SurfersVillage Here:

Watch them travel to Scotland to wipeout in freezing cold, crappy surf. Why? Because it’s unlike anything you’ve seen! The antithesis of a slow-motion-bikini-hairflick-clip these two adventurous souls know how to have fun no matter how crap the waves are.

It all started, once upon a time, on a cold autumn day in Newquay when two girls didn’t want to surf the 2ft onshore mush. That was until someone pointed out that 11x world champion Kelly Slater says you have to surf all kinds of waves (including the crappy ones) to improve. Not sure whether these were his exact words or not, the girls decided to film their mission of surfing all types of waves throughout the UK winter.

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A massive thank you to Tove Lo for letting us use her amazing track Habits! Buy it on iTunes
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lucy tanner says:

I've seen one of their videos before, so fun!!!!!!! Love this!!!!!!!!

Lee Thomas says:

This is so different and funny!!!!! Good on them for surfing no matter what, it makes me want to get in the water right now! Cant wait to see the next episode!

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