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Kai Lenny VS Jaws | The lineup is HEATING up…

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While the big-wave “game” may be evolving at a breakneck pace, Kai Lenny continues to consistently push his limits to perform at his highest level. In his latest journey, Kai explores tactics of extreme breath-holds with his brother Ridge, keeps his place in the cutthroat Jaws lineup, and provides for his community (in more ways than one) when the worst natural disaster in recent American history strikes Maui.

And as far as the new generation nipping at his heels? Mr. Lenny welcomes the competition with open arms.

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@landorslam says:

I’m not even into surfing but holy shit that first clip was fucking BADASS

@LeoandCleotheHuskies says:

What break is this in Fiji?

@stereothrilla8374 says:

Whenever I go surfing I always forget to bring my helicopter to relaunch my ski after it gets beached on the rocks. Come to think about it, I’ve been forgetting my drone operator, spotter, personal paramedic, second jet ski and surfboard wrangler as well. Maybe that’s why I keep going over the falls.😂😂😂 Jokes aside though, you are all legends and I am sorry for your losses.

@OakLeafs30 says:

“Went to jaws and got pounded 3 or 4 times” pause

@zamlo5115 says:

helmets might help the limits maybe

@annielinkous7635 says:


@robzybex4197 says:

2:55 WOW!

@valdemarclement8521 says:

Hey i have Been surfing a 7ft foam board, i am 5 foot 7 inches and is pretty new to surfing, would a 6,4 shortboard be a choice? If you maybe have some board suggestions i would love to hear Them, but not too expensive🙏

@mymatte says:

oh boy, i've never cried watching a surf video before… ❤️

@WiiSpords says:

I’m sorry did that lad just do a backflip up the wall?

@ObeyBanksy says:

Kai Lenny is a badass mofo

@SamAugust426 says:

Beautiful video. Truly a glimpse into many of the most interesting aspects of what it is to be a human; push the limits of nature, community, and overcoming tragedy. Rest in peace to those lost in the fires.

@lovropaic3978 says:

I've read "Kai Lenny vs Jews" … 🤦‍♂

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