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Kai Lenny or John John Florence: Which are the BETTER quad fins?

John John Florence’s big wave quad is pretty similar to Kai Lenny’s R2 Quad set – with the front fin being smaller than the back.

JJF says his smaller front fins are for speed and the larger ones are for control.

Kai says his front ones are for stability and the back are for maneuverability.

If both quad fins used the same concept and are designed by world-class surfers, what makes each unique?

I put them to the test across four different boards and in varying wave conditions, and one came out on top.

Disclaimer: This video includes content from the Kai Lenny YouTube Channel. We don’t claim ownership, and rights belong to their respective owner.

My Kai Lenny R2 quad fins review:
Choosing the best fins for your twin fin surfboard:

00:00 – Intro
00:46 – Meet the JJF big wave quad fins
02:28 – The price difference
03:03 – Comparing fin construction
05:37 – JJF quads vs other normal fins
06:56 – The difference from the Kai quad set
08:14 – Will it work on the Machado Seaside?
08:58 – Testing the JJF fins on a step-up
09:45 – Where the JJF fins worked best
11:45 – Which is the better fin: JJF or Kai?

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@altermode says:

try putting bigger fronts and really small rears and ideally rears that tuck in closer behind the fronts. Youll have a faster quad with the looseness of a twin. Also bigger fins for smaller surf. Smaller fins for bigger surf. Neither of those kai/jjf fins will give you any benefit in small waves especially on those boards

@chrispowell9971 says:

MFC and KT/Quatro boards who work with Kai have been using this setup in Windsurfing since 2009, they were developed for then windsurfing world champion Kauli Seadi and first used for the Cape Verde windsurfing world tour stop.

(also one of Kai's first ever world tour events) and have been standard in all windsurfing quad setups for all brands since then. Not sure who had the idea to put them on a surf board but Kai would have been very aware of this set up from his windsurfing. In windsurfing we use them in any size of waves.

@hydroburner says:

Thank you for testing and sharing your experience. It's so valuable.
I don't know when I'll be able to try out these fins, but your videos will definitely help with the selection. Best of luck and inspiration for more videos!

@thestow35 says:

your content is awesome. heaps of analysis. and great format. would love to see all your boards one day – especially any Christenson's! – I have an Osprey and have had a few other models in the past. boards that work

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