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#JusticeForSandy & Surfer Shark Fight: What You Need To Know This Week!

Every week, Hannah and John will be bringing you a weekly recap of the news that you need to know. Hope you enjoy our latest segment of briefBRIEF (it’s a brief, brief…get it?)

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Rasha Khan says:

Can ThinkTank post more of these instead of filler sex-related videos?

Derp “Derp” Derp says:

this is like the news to me

diornotwar123 says:

Why haven't you talked about the aftermath of the "White People" documentary?

Amy Rene says:

Apparently Brett and John have made Hannah become aware of her speech impediment. lol you guys are dicks

Stonemansteve II says:

Not shiny here, H!

David Reese says:

Are you Ok Today? A little or a Half of a Smile today? 3!

KD Brooke says:

Is it weird that I'm proud I knew all of this stuff before watching this?

Hena Nawabi says:

who is Sandy?

Queen Prisme says:

I'd like a little more detail in these

Christopher Tacitus says:

5 were killed in Chattanooga, 4 Marines and a sailor who died later.

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