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Journey To The Center | a SURFER expedition to Gabon

Finding the point of intersection between the old world and the new along the coast of Gabon. The idea is a romantic one, but what Gabon is now is still central to a lot of Surfer’s notions: untouched wilderness, the last stand of certain species, the last outpost of languages and cultures.

By Kimball Taylor
Photos by Grant Ellis


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Paladin Dropzone says:

makes you want to travel

Pedro Ramos says:

Kepa La Leyenda Moderna

Jackson Genis says:

skeleton bay lite

Sebastian DAO says:

anyone know the song of 8:06

Pierre Richard says:

Only One spot for Gabon ? Where is it ?

muddy waters says:

I can't believe theres even 3 people who don't like this. FOOLS!

Alphonsus Jr. says:

Gabon is relatively pleasant–by abysmal African standards–because of the missionary work the great Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre did there. If it goes Islamic, say bye-bye.

Smith Sedi says:

so gabon only has one wave…

Gavin Nations says:

Check out my latest video on my channel!

Carl, the black one says:

Grande kepa

Danny Enano says:

How is named the first song? (2:50)

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