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John Florence on Big Waves and Impact Suits

It’s pretty incredible to see how big wave surfing has evolved over the last decade. From the performance side, to safety, boards and gear — it’s all improving so quickly. I can’t wait to see where it goes in the next ten years.

Video Credits —

Erik Knutson @erik_knutson_
Jared Butler @jarebutter
Joao Tudella @jtudella
Daniel Jones

Production Credits —

Pete Johnson
Spencer Klein
Brandon Wasserman

Photo credits —
Arto Saari

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@BelleTolles says:

what's amazing about this video is that you have the absolutely brilliant cinematography (as always) and then john saying brilliant things–and they don't distract you from one another. like you can watch those waves and yet listen to him at the same time. was interesting to literally see him right before the eddie hammering out a design. it's great to see the surfing world focusing on safety so much in late years, and the advancements are phenomenal. i noticed greg long in the purple jersey by john in the one shot. i always associate him with being important in the safety aspect of big wave surfing. but for someone who is just a fan of big wave surfing, john hasn't done too bad to win probably the biggest eddie ever and then come in close second in the one that followed it. 😊 and his modesty is not false==one of the nicest things about him.

@chrisculley3756 says:

I love it when you and your bros go out to outter reef and just crush it. RLTW 3/75

@richardelliott8352 says:

what beautiful water, it seems surf photography has also advanced, when astounding shots like that deep in the tube stuff are now normal.  

My old man pleasure is just gentle bodysurfing, like from back in the Giget goes Hawaiian days, where you only get hurt if you hit something. waves like shown here would go badly for me, it would be personal because the ocean doesn't like stupidity, and I know better than to even imagine being in that situation.

@jeffjeff4477 says:

Awesome video
Love to hear your perspective
Fun serious and incredible to see
You guys are top notch in your sport

@paternoneri3494 says:

Koa Smith and Nathan and Ivan Florence are The Best Surfers on the Planet ❤❤❤❤❤

John-John Florence is THE BEST SURFER in the known Universe ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

@pecanhajeffpecanha8062 says:

Judge florence

@chrisbarker4047 says:

Don't want to see any one drown, but it seems like while its pushing the sport its killing its soul and bring the wrong people in to it. It is all about the footage even if it's a wipeout, not about the personal experience/enjoyment anymore. I could be wrong I still watch the big wave contests, but something seems wrong about having an inflatable vest waving for a jetski after a ride/wipeout.

@stephenwolfram356 says:

Excellent insight and explanation of the process.

@c0rry says:

3:08 best ride ! 3:37 real suicide attempt ! 7:36 nightmare wave that breaks outer then others

@williammartin2842 says:

Spit out wet, happy, and thrilled. Speed puts a board in fine parts of waves.

@ezrhino100 says:

This is the most involved tampon commercial I have ever heard.

@theneuropathyguy says:

So nice gonna use my impact suit at HB Pier this saturday, gonna be HUGE 3-5!!!!

@norman-gregory says:

Greetings John, it's good to hear you talk and letting us into your lifestyle dude! I noticed that you're more reserved when there's company, you listen/observe more than speaking (maybe, just sayin). For that reason, when you talk/speak, I listen. Hey…could be a camera thing to right haha. Kudos to ALL you "Big Wave" riders. Stay safe and all the best for 2024.
Mahalo from Australia.

@FromTheMosh says:

Personally id love a spring suit with a tiny bit of padding for protection and flotation if it didn't effect my movement too much.

@carafinocarafino says:

The padded Bra of Surfing designed and improved by Jon Jon fashion designer of surf. Love it. Oh yeah, one more thing. Eddie Aikau never required these things at Waimea. That is why we have an event in his memory. Luke last year demonstrated the true watermen talent. Never pulled the vest to inflate during his heats. Never rode the wave into the shore break to risks the lifeguards safety on the skis and was always in the right spot.

@MM5150LA says:

JJF comfort zone is obviously in the ocean so with his input and knowledge of big wave surfing and how he’s like a sponge when he’s around big wave legends that came before him and are still surfing at the top of there game like Shane Dorian and the rest of his local guys he grew up sucking up all the knowledge he could, JJF is sure my favorite to watch surf from 4ft to 40ft a young living legend.

@pabloromero2060 says:


@jonathancox1231 says:

As a surfer from the outer banks just let me say, I'll keep my 5' A frames and sand bars , yeah these young lions are crazy, !!!!

@247strugglestreet says:

JJF rides a 8'0? Anyone know?!! Kinda looks like his eddy board is that size.. ☝️

@dingus2218 says:

an ad has never looked so good – up the john… my boy sits deeeeeep!

@danlol4228 says:

great vlog john was awesome! plz do more you're insight is amazing.

@wasabiginger6993 says:

Thank you for sharing … and even tho I am an old timer (who grew as a teen living at & surfing Laniakea & Himalayas 60’s) … I am amazed by how much all aspects of surfing keep evolving. Back in 50’s 60’s only Flippy Hoffman was crazy enough to surf outer 3rd reef Himalayas with a full thick wet suit for floatation … and so to see what you have now is really wonderful. But when I saw Kai Lenny doing spins off the top of giant Jaws … I could not believe my eyes! Yeah, surfing just keeps going where none of us old timers never imagined possible. What I appreciate most is how much you & your brothers by example are always in Aloha no matter where you are. Not that it wasn’t present in the 60’s but was a more rough & tumble sort of time. Looking forward to some videos of you being a dad soon ❤

@dingocapo2087 says:

just wait for the BOZO on an SUP with his impact suit on a 2-3 ft day! coming to a break near you🤣.

@briana6573 says:

"I just dip my toes in it" says former Eddie champion John John Florence with multiple big wave ride of the year nominations.

@tommathews3964 says:

“As comfortable as possible in uncomfortable situations “ just about sums it up! Thanks, John, for bringing sensible, functional, vision to marine products!

@laurentpradayrol says:

Il y a quelques temps de ça (heu … beaucoup d'années lol ) j'observais de jeunes têtes blondes qui déchiraient les vagues des landes et aujourd'hui ils sont la référence mondiale dans le Surf , l'humilité et le courage sont des vertus que l'océan aime , un grand merci à J-J Florence pour son apport à notre sport !!

@mikebranch7928 says:

How is bailing and duck diving with flotation in suits?

@johnrobinson5506 says:

Amazing Suit John

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