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this was off the billabong odessey, the biggest wave ever surfed!

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D'andre Chesterfield says:

Why is everyone talking about Jews?

MrLetsgosteelers7 says:

Jaws= Peahi on the island of Maui

Noodleneck209 says:

Hawaii fuckhead

ritzkai says:

i think this is in Portugal

El Manuel says:

Is it Ian Walsh ?

aislingtuite says:

woah that was freaky !!!!!!

3tittiefreak says:

That mofo got figs like meteorites.

Sam Castillo says:

not Jaws. i think that was in Todos Santos

218maddie says:


Feferi Peixes says:

O_O" holy fuck

drummerdude0515 says:

@FarmacyPhlaverd probably around 30

wernibo says:

@Segarele but what about the vulkanos? 😀

FarmacyPhlaverd says:

anyone know what his speed in mph might have been?

Connor H says:

Damn, Mother Nature! You scary!

Business Cat says:

Hes saving his money.
Hes surfing to japan not taking airline

rootbearable says:

@STruscott22 i dont know. just wanted to know, i guess. i'm only 9!! are you canadian? cause i am…..

Seb T says:

@rootbearable I'm 25. Why do you ask btw? It's never something I've been asked on a comment before (not that i comment often) so I'm curious…

rootbearable says:

@STruscott22 how old are you?

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