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JAWS absolute insane big wave, December 2004 Maui Hawaii

best surfing day in Maui at Jaw ( Peahi ) . A perfect condition generated a swell up to 50 feet waves Filmed in Maui on December 2004

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pattwin says:

I've never seen waves this big break with such long hollow barrels. It's like a giant sized pipeline. I think because Jaws has gotten so well known it's lost the mythical allure it once had to places like Nazare and Cortes Bank. Nazare definitely gets bigger but those waves seem to break in wedges and anyone who rides it has to usually out run the lip then kick off the shoulder (or just kick out to the shoulder before it breaks) No one ever seems to get pitted in any nice long barrels there. Despite the immense size it actually doesn't really seem like a wave that would be all that enjoyable to surf. More like a place you go to catch one huge wave, film it, then send it to Billabong for XXL ride of the year. Now Mullaghmore in Ireland gets some huge sick barrels. Its like a colder gnarlier version of Cloudbreak on a really big day.

ThatKK says:

Those look bigger than 50 ft

MrJohanOne says:

Bon les mecs!!! TOTAL RESPECT 

Mike Oxlong says:

Id be body boarding these waves. Totally.

Numz says:

my bad like 4-6 foot faces 2-3 foot white wash

Tony McSpadden says:

Love how the guy on the third ski comes in all "for christ sake, this is how you rescue…"

Standor Shandor says:

Has anyone ever been killed by a rescue jet ski? You finally come up with maybe a second's worth of air left and WHAM!, end of story.

Nick Trueman says:

Sorry North is the right hander, South the left hander….. typo mistake

Nick Trueman says:

Hi, When describing the direction a wave breaks we use the terms right and left. South would be the right hander, North the left hander. This wave no matter which direction it is surfed is very dangerous at this size. The reason the right is surfed more is due to it being a very intense "difficult" wave to surf, that's what these surfers are looking for… Also it offers a chance to get barreled. The left is horrendous, you do not want to get wiped by the left at that size.

Numz says:

I'd say 2 maybe 3 foot.

peterisawesomeyoukno says:

I'll jack off to your mum m8

Ryan Palermo says:

Shut your mouth fool, you don't have the balls to be out there saving peoples lives – go back to your miserable life in your mom's basement and jack off some more

Marco Biancardi says:

…only on the big wave, just to enjoy it more.

Andrew Stewart says:

7 billion people alive at once

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