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Jaw-dropping: Surfer fights off shark attack live on TV in S. African competition

Courtesy of World Surf League (WSL):

Professional Australian surfer Mick Fanning had a huge scare as his board was attacked by a shark during the 2015 World Surf League championship’s, at the Jeffreys Bay Open in South Africa, Sunday. READ MORE:


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otia shavadze says:

Suppose if here was real Chuck Norris instead of this guy, other story without change. ooooh, thats was so coool, new legends and jokes will be created. o yeah

DarthTwilight says:

He should've worn his brown wetsuit. Fuck. That. Shit. That was a BIG fucking shark, too.

850BeachLife says:

Scariest 45 seconds ever…

silversurfers7 says:

…What happened to his board, i want to see what happened to it, see if there are bites on it. Why they didn't show this?

Oleksandra Kovlikova says:

most sharks are smart. They hate the taste of human flash ..only baby sharks make mistakes… Do not bleed under water or wear jewelry..then you'll be OK….

Cameron Jones says:

The shark actually didn't attack him. He just wanted to know what was going on. He had no reason to hurt the shark, it didn't do anything.

David S. says:

How did a shark even get into the pool?

Art Miller says:

The tax collector cometh….great news that he avoided serious injury.

sexobscura says:

your surfing is their dinner

Harry Gordy says:

"Did you get a couple punches in?"

Fef Adra says:

i would probably dead if i was in that kind of sitch.. lol i would freeze to death upon seeing a shark beside me hahah…

ghostmanriding says:

That is the one day you wish you were wearing brown pants.

Felisse Swift says:

they said there's no way how to prevent shark attacks but you can fight… oh come on the only way to prevent shark attacks is get your ass off water

Abram Porras says:

i was weilding one tim and some metal melted the the hose and it started on fire and it was super loud and i had to rush the shut it off but it was spraying fire out like crazy and i finally shut it off and i felt like i could breath from shock or something for like ten min cause the whole bottle could have exploded and killed me cause ther was no regulator so i know why he cant talk that good its scary to almost die

john arellano says:

When your dealing with a shark you gotta have a gameplan like your fighting a bully, expect him to be aggressive at first, but when you crack that mother fucker good, he usually doesnt want to fight anymore.

ya step daddy says:

he did not eat him because when tha guy saw tha shark he shit himself.. sharks dont eat shit

Jim Spibbins says:

Man 1 – Shark 0

myrke21 says:

life if dead

Ray Muniz says:

Ah the shark, what a misunderstood creature. No, no, the mindless carnivorous fish had no intention of biting the man. He just wanted a cuddle.

No, seriously, there are so many idiots here on YouTube that'll weep over an attack on or the death of a fish than have any concern for a human that was only living his passion and minding his own business Absolutely disgusting.

Far as I'm concerned, if you kill one of these things out of defense to protect yourself or a love one, you're a hero in my eyes.

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