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Isn't this the dreamiest looking wave? #shorts

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@jordyschnaitman250 says:

The others behind him who waited were watching him go thinking, "Darn it we missed out on that one" 😂

@tiffsaver says:


@Annabelle.dot305 says:

Surfing is the best🩵

@captainwatson says:

I’ve been surfing the Texas coast my entire life. Whenever I see waves like this I can’t believe there aren’t 100 people trying to catch it.

@YeboSa says:

AI please make the perfect wave.

@carlosalbertoreis1971 says:

Qual praia será?

@justme307 says:

Looks like a waste of a wave.

@sergionunes2427 says:

Gostaria de ter essa habilidade 😮

@belindapatton2579 says:

Where is this

@martinlee7064 says:

Jeeze you could have a coffee up there on the nose!

@user-vk1ue8sy6b says:


@user-gy3wt9tt8c says:

Se nada vai Vanessa 🎶
Se nada vai valer , se nada vai valer …

@Lobsta-kw9pb says:

the angle and water color makes the wave look larger than it is dude riding is mid.

@gregoriocapibaribe3855 says:

This is IA? 😮

@fergferguson7370 says:

NIAS one of the best waves on earth…at this size and at 75 I’d still rip it..😊

@ianwilkinson3425 says:

If it was a left😉

@macx2074 says:

Que onda perfeita!😮

@dianrangkuti7138 says:

It's so ridiculous glassy wave, I miss surf just 4 of us

@tatianerocha1511 says:


@jameslaspesa6834 says:

Yes it does

@DanielEkizian says:

CPI das igrejas evangélicas?!!! Bora?! Mais uma cpi! Affe

@Michael-xe6ze says:

Man I sometime wish I grew up by the ocean. Surfing looks like so much fun. I don’t know about waves over 6 feet though. lol

@kenjeters6164 says:

Cool daddy o

@The_real_Smitty says:

Nice wave to bad there isn’t a short board In sight to really use the wave to its full poty

@joaovitorpereiramota3354 says:

Mar perfeitinho em

@iditarod4081 says:

Looks about an even number of chicks and dudes about 4 each

@user-ju8yo7rt2w says:

Yeah that's an all right wave for a beginner but as you progress you're going to want to get into tubes you want to get a faster wave with better shape

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