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Is This The Most Terrifying Wave Ever Filmed at Nazare? | Clips of the Month Feb. 2020

What does it take to top our “Clips of the Month” list? Well, depends on the month. Wave quality helps. A more technical maneuver or difficult line certainly ups your chances. We can all appreciate a good, kegging barrel. But sometimes the thing that puts a clip over the edge is a little harder to define. Sometimes the winner is simply the clip that causes our jaws to drop and our minds to wonder, “What. The. Actual. F@#$.”

This was one such month. While it was filled with WTF rides, from Tom Lowe’s Euro tunnel to Koa Smith’s below-sea-level screamer, but none was more baffling than the apartment-building-sized tube yawning behind an ant-sized Kai Lenny at Nazare. Press play and let us know if you beg to differ, and watch the full edits that these clips were pulled from below:

1) Kai Lenny | Nazaré, Portugal
Filmed by Pedro Miranda

2) Tom Lowe | Europe
Filmed by Tomás Bello

3) Koa Smith | Silverbacks, Panama
Filmed by Chris Papaleo

4) Nic Von Rupp | Nazaré, Portugal
Filmed by Ricardo Pina

5) Torrey Meister | Backdoor Pipeline, Hawaii
Filmed by Thor Larson

6) Sebastian Soto | Puerto Escondido, Mexico
Filmed by Vandielli Esmael Dias

7) Luke Davis | Morocco
Filmed by Mustapha Elbaz

8) Joao Maria Mendonça | Portugal
Filmed by Hugo Almeida

9) Harrison Roach | Noosa, Australia
Filmed by Ryan Cannon

10) Kota Iida | Gold Coast, Australia
Filmed by Billy Lee-Pope

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Peter Fujikawa says:

Great clip? That was not the biggest but it was indeed a most terrifying wave. Is it any wonder that the biggest waves come from Nazare Portugal? After all, it's named after the birthplace of Jesus Christ, the Nazarene! I've seen eighty footers at Peahi in Maui and I've seen the 85 footer at Log Cabins in Waimea Bay. But you're gonna see even bigger waves coming from Cortez Bank in San Diego. Is it any wonder why we have such giant waves throughout the world? After all, it is the El NINO era, isn't it?



Allan Roser says:

click bait crap

Valorie L says:

Nicely done

DeMO el MusickaRiO says:

We're is the most Terrifying wave…….i can't wait

Rocco T says:

Not so “terrifying” for Nazaire. Actually puddle jumping, off season. 70’ – 90+ is what’s up. Want a lunch/dinner recommendation? Maybe vip parking…

Shark Tooth says:

Lenny's balls were dragging in the water behind him… that was intense.

Paddy K says:

No. No it's not. Don't do misleading headlines. It's douchey. And your content is good enough to not warrant it.

EL Caballo Blanco says:

All those waves were surreal, bit that last one, oh yeah!

Phil Graves says:

What's with these new mandatory 15 second commercials?

Ryan Vick says:

I like the one at 0:26 just so smooth.

Dane Rosen says:

@burnt.out.matchbox with the visuals 🙂

clarkewi says:

Love Surfer vids. Always purrrrfect music tracks.

Dan Menten says:

Soto for the win!

Tomo Surfboards says:

Tom Lowe's wave tho… Respect !

jz kramer says:

That was just a big peak, there have been bigger waves that have walled up for hundreds of yards

Charlie says:

Who the f#&* gives thumbs down?? 🤪 Losers! Sweet barrels👌

Tim H. says:

I saw some people criticizing Kai for not "going for it" at Nazare. That last wave was a damn ballsy ride.

James Hall fishing says:

That last wave was bombing

fruitofcreation says:

That last wave though 🤯

Corey says:

Morocco is off the leash! Hash tag that.

Rejoicing In Hope says:

How did surf culture become so satanic?

Fim says:

Just need to point out number 8 is 14

Cesar Aldave says:

song: the seance animals in exile

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