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Henderson Women’s H2 5/3mm Hooded Vest (Black, 12)

H2 Hyperstretch Comfort beyond imagination! Built with over 45 years of wetsuit patterning and craftmanship experience. Incorporating the latest advances in neoprene, fabrics and technology. Ulta soft – Low Modulus – Extended Memory foam rubber with Titanium Lining. Exclusive Aquasilk interior and exterior lining. Simply the best you can buy!

Product Features

  • 90% neoprene, 10% nylon
  • Aquasilk laminate – an exlusive interior and exterior lining that is comfortable and super stretchy.
  • Flowvent – releases ant trapped air from under your hood, preventing your hood from ballooning.
  • After use rinse with fresh water and set out to dry, not in direct sunlight. Do not machine wash or dry, dry clean or bleach.
  • China/USA

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Valeriane McNeill says:

Snug and feels a bit confining 0

Anonymous says:

With respect to most items that can be bought online, I am usually very pleased and the sizes are true to their description. In contrast, I have recently had the need to order neoprene-type clothing (dive vests, pants, jackets, and wetsuits) and I have had very bad luck with getting things to fit on the first try. This vest is a case in point. I bought the size 12 because the size chart suggested it would be appropriate. The item was size enough to get on, and fit me in length and across the…

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