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Henderson Lycra Printed Unisex Adults Jumpsuit Scuba Diving Wetsuit-Black / Blue-Medium

Henderson Lycra Hot Skin Jumpsuit Black/BlueThe sheer versatility of Hot Skins has made them a staple for all types of ocean lovers, especially divers and snorkelers. Made either from premium grade Lycra or robust Polyolefin, they help shield the skin fro

Product Features

  • The full-body Lycra dive skin from Henderson is a great way to shield your whole body from sun fatigue, coral scrapes, and abrasions while snorkeling or swimming.
  • It also makes donning a wetsuit super-easy – even a snug-fitting neoprene suit will slide on easily over the smooth surface of this Lycra skin.
  • 6 ounce lycra throughout with flatlock stitched seams. Raglan sleeves give complete freedom of movement.
  • Front zipper with elastic thumb loops and ankle stirrups make it easy to put the suit on without help – and keep the diveskin in place while donning a neoprene wetsuit.

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Salsera says:

Be careful of sizing!!! I’m a petite female that does a lot of work in the water and use lycra skins for sun protection. I purchased this to replace my Henderson lycra skin that I’ve worn into oblivion and was very happy with. The size on this product is much smaller than other Henderson skins I’ve owned. I usually wear an XS in Henderson and I could barely get this over my shoulders and zipped. Also, I got an embarrassing zebra stripe suntan through the colored (blue) portion of the suit. This has not happened with…

Marvin Schwartz says:

Good fit if upsized 0

Angela A Stanton, PhD says:

Great for rash guard! I recently visited the Galapagos Islands and there the waters are a bit cold at he time of the year when it is the best to go for hiking and photography (September). The tour we took provided a 7mm wet suit but we needed to take our own rash guards. I took this (all black, female) and it looked and worked great. It was also quite waterproof actually! I did not expect to not get wet under it–it does not claim to be waterproof but this combined with the wet suit kept me pretty dry and warm…

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