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HAMIST WWII RAF Aviator Pilot Motorcycle Half helmet Goggles Clear

These HAMIST WWII RAF Aviator Pilot Motorcycle Goggles,Provide Great Protection On Road As Well As Vintage Decorations Of Your Half Or Open Face Helmets,Also Show Between Fashion Occasions,Steampunk Collections,Auto & Motor Enthusiasts And Costume & Cosplay Stages.

Size: 7.5″ x 3.4″ (19 cm x 8.6 cm)
One Size: Adjustable Elasticated Headband – Must Fit You
Five Colors: Clear,Silver,Smoke,Color,Yellow – What’s Your Favorite?
Main Material: Soft Padding & Advanced Plastic Lens – Comfortable To Wear
Features: Closely Fit Your Face,Split Design,Scratch Resistant,Light and Portable

I confess,they’re not great for the heavy duty motorbikes,but they get their points.
Please note that the package includes ONE goggle,NO helmet.
Still an essential thing if you ride.

Product Features

  • Classic Vintage Aviator Pilot Motorcycle Goggles,A Memory Of The Great Age,And The WWII RAf.
  • Made Of Advanced Tinted Optical Plastic Lens,Soft Padding And Adjustable Elasticated Headband.
  • Closely Fit The Face For More Protection And Comfort.Perfect When With Half Or Open Face Helmets.
  • Keep Your Eyes From Intense Light,Dust,Water Vapor And Meantime Guarantte You Large Feild Of Vision.
  • More Than Motorcycle Goggles – Cycling,Skiing,Surfing,Paintball,Collection,Cosplay,Fashion And So On.

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Zachary P. Wussow says:

Not exactly air-worthy Man oh man, are these things cheap. Which is fine – I bought them to be an occasional prop for costume parties, not for taking on the Red Baron… And I should have known, considering how cheap they are. But the metal (plastic?) frames feel really cheap, and the headband is basically just elastic. I’m not counting on the “leather” padding to last either.Costume prop – they’re fine.Actual use on a plane or motorcycle – never in a million years.Plus…

Anonymous says:

PROS AT A GLANCE:Suitable as costume pieces, affordable low price point, padding is comfortable, headband is adjustableCONS AT A GLANCE:Very cheap looking close-up, what looked like metal pieces around the eyes in the photos actually appear to be cheap plastic(?) in person, they don’t fit well on anyone who doesn’t have a petite little nose (if the bridge of your nose protrudes in the front much at all, it will make the glasses bend funny and look like you’re wall-eyed),…

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