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Guiness World Record Female Biggest Wave ever surfed – Maya Gabeira Nazaré

Nazaré Big Wave Surf 2020
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Raw footage.
Brazilian surfer Maya Gabeira has broken her own Guinness World Records title for the largest wave surfed – unlimited (female).

It bests her previous record by five and a half feet, with a confirmed measurement of 73.5 foot (22.4 metres).

Edited by @Ben de Sá / @luisbendesa / @abovecreators
Filmed by Daniel Cabaço /@luisbendesa / @abovecreators

Copyright © 2020, Ben de Sá, all rights reserved
Surfers: Sebastian Steudtner, António Cardoso, Toby Cuningham, Nic von Rupp, Pedro Scooby, Justine Dupont, Joana Andrade

Location: Praia do Norte, Nazaré – Portugal
Date: 2020.Aug.21
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Reggie Bald says:

What happened? Was that her suicide ride? She was consumed by white water ~

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