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Looking back on a year of carnage. Presented by

Greatest Wipeouts is a Surfline original series showcasing death-defying surfing wipeouts, near-death experiences and heaviest big waves of all time.

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Mia Eriksson says:


Chris Dulpina says:

I had this wipeout in Cloud9. My board stuck between my legs. It hit me right there. So painful that i cant hold my breath anymore. And theres a set of waves coming. The third and biggest wave almost toke my life. I had this final surface and one last breath. Still lucky. Lesson learned. Never understimate the power of waves. One Love!

juninho caraio says:

i wiped out in 3 fot wavesat croyde bay and thought i was going to die i can t image this shit

G.B.C. says:

I'm skateboarder. Unfortunately I don't live near any ocean to surf. My question is; why don't surfers wear a small oxygen tank in a pocket? Sorry if this question and idea sounds stupid. I'm just trying to better prepare myself for when I do get to go surfing someday. Not that I will be dropping in on any walls like these.

dave allan says:

radical attempt

Ignition says:

i used to watch surfing videos and be like… "doesnt look that bad its water". But now that I surf and know that even a 3-5 foot wave is kinda powerful. I cant imagine surfing big waves like that.

Jax Bird says:

I hope these people didn't wear leashes damn

baymtl says:

I had a wipeout on a ~5ft wave when I was a kid that made me lose my sense of direction of up and down for about 5 seconds, which felt like an eternity at the time, and since then gained a very serious respect for the power of the ocean.  I can't even begin to imagine what this stuff might feel like.

Gammak says:

if the wave lip hits your back and its big enough will it break it

WeylandYutani says:

I wiped out in 3 foot waves at Croyde Bay and thought I was going to die. I can't imagine this shit.

erik cleveland says:


Rick Pounders says:

Don't try this at home

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