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GoPro HERO2 Wrist Housing

Wear your GoPro camera like a watch. Secures camera flat against wrist during your activity. Allows camera to securely pivot upright for capturing footage. Waterproof 180’ / 60m. Fits over ski gloves and jackets, one size fits all. Perfect for surfing or snorkeling, hiking or climbing, the HD Wrist Housing makes it easy to have a camera on hand for video and photo opportunities that occur at times when traditional cameras are too inconvenient to use or carry. No pockets? No problem if you are wearing the HD Wrist Housing. The housing can also be strapped to gear such as kayak paddles and the leading edge of kitesurfing kites. This allows the kitesurfer to film their entire session looking down from above, as though they had a private helicopter camera crew following them while they surf. Compatible with ALL HD HERO Original + HD HERO2 Cameras

Product Features

  • Camera pivots upright to shoot video or photos but stays securely attached to your wrist even in this position
  • The HD Wrist Housing fits over ski gloves and jackets too.
  • The HD Wrist Housing is particularly popular with surfers
  • Compatible with HD HERO and HERO2 Cameras
  • Not compatible with HERO3 cameras

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Kal says:

One GoPro accessory you can do without. I purchased this accessory to go Scuba Diving with.Firstly, the quality of this wrist housing is what you could expect from something from GoPro. However the retainer ring/hook to keep the housing secured to your wrist is quite sketchy and it does come undone frequently. (I even held the rubber ring back as far as the velcro would allow to keep it taunt, and it would still pop off.) This accessory doesn’t allow you to use any other mounts. You can either use it flipped up, or held…

xoxomomo says:

Your guess is as good as mine I bought this to use while snorkeling and diving in Hawaii. Shipped quickly and landed on my doorstep just before we were about to leave. There are NO instructions included with this and it says to go to their website for complete instructions which I did. I surfed all around their site with no luck. Ended up finding someone else’s YouTube video on how to secure the housing properly and improve the stability and then “Ahhhhh!” it all became clear (so THAT’S what that random black strap is for)…

Hjl116 says:

Perfect for scuba diving – take the plastic ring off and just use the strap. I took this down to the Grand Cayman. Beforehand I replaced the lens with the mako speargun lens that was $20 (otherwise, your underwater shots will be out of focus). At first I thought this wouldn’t do well at all because there was only a rubber ring to hold the housing at the proper angle, but then I started playing with the extra straps that were on there, looped the extra strap through the right place in the housing (they must have designed it this way and figured people would figure it…

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