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Garrett McNamara’s rogue wave off Portugal! Is this the biggest wave ever ridden?

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Garrett McNamara rides what members belonging tohis group claimed was the biggest wave ever successfully negotiated during a “tow-surfing” session Tuesday off the coast of Nazare, a small fishing town 70 miles north of Lisbon, Portugal. The wave face measured about 90 feet, according to a news release announcing the feat.
McNamara, a known big-wave surfing guy from Hawaii, was riding large waves with Andrew Cotton and Al Mennie when 3 huge waves appeared on the outside. Cotton utilized a personal watercraft to tow McNamara onto the massive shoulder of one of those rogue waves.

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Tiago Raposo says:

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Trisha Hauoli says:

Only people that under stand lifd can do these things.

TheschwartzB says:

What the fuck is wrong with your head?

mullethead100 says:

Guess ya aint got much to be proud of in your country then. Waves…get the fuck outta here, that's really scraping the bottom of the barrel. We should drop the A-bomb in lisbon or whatever third world shit hole you live in so you could be proud of your big atomic mushroom. Only japan had one but yours would be better. just like yo waves.

mullethead100 says:

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mullethead100 says:

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grakkerful says:

I do not think that word means what you think it means.

killerhook07 says:

They probably use the metric system.

minz2002 says:

is it me or does the mike parsons one seem bigger

Alfredo Fallarme Jr says:

Just a a few feet behind chuck norris' record

therealdefjamz says:

If it really is 90 feet its the biggest ridden, the biggest recorded is 112. I doubt its 90 but very large and that guy is badass

Michael Martin says:

Uhhh… WOW!

Vasco2024 says:

im going to PORTUGAL!!!!!!!

chuchuchuchia says:

GOD JAM, that had to be the most surreal experience ever

TheSwisszz says:

Wtf happens to the Jet Ski driver 0.o

bruno5p says:

Podes crer Omerath9
Burro da merda esse gajo. Nem sabe onde fica Portugal…

Portugal rula!

386thequite says:

YEAH BUDDY!!!!!!!!!!!

Omerath9 says:

@Soulflytribe04 Lol, tipico mesquinho, pobre de espirito Brasileiro de merda. Ah, espera, nao es Brasileiro, es Italiano ou Alemao, pois…

Jackster31 says:

Good stuff….

innstinctx says:


Paulo Esteves says:

I alredy knew that portugal is the haway of europe.

Jan T says:

hmm.. how could I relate Chuck Norris to this video….

António Teixeira says:

@Soulflytribe04 How Ignorant can you be??????

Esob Bose says:

The fuck is "Portugal"? A city from Spain?

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