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Garrett McNamara – World Record Biggest Wave Ever Surfed 90ft

Garrett Mcnamara Breaks World Record for Largest Wave Ever Surfed – 90ft wave (30 yards of massive water).

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007duckduck says:

How do you get towed into a rogue wave, I thought they were called that because they were random and unpredictable?

DustyBoi843 says:

These sportscasters are idiots

FYMRage says:

Hey white sports caster, nobody is 'your boy' act your color you're not Stuart Scott

wubbzy says:

@XmarlonXPT are you crazy or what ? I'm just saying that is cool to see English ppl speaking about POrtugal and you came here to call me bastard ? btw, i like black ppl. i'm not racist.

Slapdash Pt says:


poppyflower24 says:

@pollyout1 Carlos Lopes could and can run anywhere! But McNamara can´t find waves like that in LA, for example…

FMDSSDMF18 says:

@wheretheredferndies americans is NOT a decent word is just a nasty word –'

Miguel Carneiro says:

It's not North Canyon Beach btw, it's Canhão da Praia do Norte…Have, at least, the respect to say the beach's name correctly, instead of translating everything.

poppyflower24 says:

@wheretheredferndies Personally, I am not trying to take the credits of Mcnamara. He´s obviously AMAZING! But I found the wave even more fascinating! That´s just my opinion…

poppyflower24 says:

@wheretheredferndies Yeah, we pretty great! :c))

FMDSSDMF18 says:

american dumbs don't even know what is the capital city of california so just shut up ! and dont tell me that the capital city of california is los angeles because it ISN'T btw the capital city is Sacramento

FMDSSDMF18 says:

@MrDangalvao who CARES ?

FMDSSDMF18 says:

@jmm00702 you sr. have no life –'

FMDSSDMF18 says:


jmm00702 says:

im gonna go disliking all videos which have the cut version of this vid, cuz this stupid modafaka that edited it cut off the part where the wave was 90ft how fucking stupid can that be ><

XmarlonXPT says:

@MrDangalvao We are proud coz the fucking forner from america came too Portugal to surf our wave, WTF? doesn't he have fucking miami beach? LOLOLOL

XmarlonXPT says:

@11jdaly FY black bastard, In america is full of black, we are superior fu

XmarlonXPT says:

@MrPakatchu FY black bastard, In america is full of black, we are superior fu

miscabonga says:

the fact that an american guy surfed the wave dosent mater what realy maters is that it was in fucking portugal bitches I dont fucking care if this guy is american at least we have it, that big monster and after this guy, a portugues insane guy will try to surf an even bigger one guiness record finaly amo-te portugal e só pa calar os cagalhões dos americanos nós usamos acentos nas palavras

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