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Garrett McNamara rides 90 Foot Wave With Gopro Cam (Full Video)

It seems that Garrett McNamara just broke the world record for largest wave surfed by successfully navigating this 90-foot wall of watery death in Nazaré, Portugal.

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the queen says:

oh m'y god ?

Uğur Reiz says:

deep water freaks me out

Rob Cap says:

Nobody don't try this

‫שלומי פילס‬‎ says:

איך יש לו שויוי משקל והאם הוא נורמלי

dillon sanford says:

epic, man has balls of steel

Елена Варлашина says:

А что за музыка в этом ролике? Кто знает как называется композиция?

Hugo santolas says:

the Nazare is for those who dare and who do not see many Americans fiction films, here faced the truth of pure and hard time so the path to freedom is nazare

Siana Maka says:

looks like cocaina lolz

Cyclones360 says:

Shit looks like an avalanche towards the end.

Brandon Aki-Castro says:

that's fake everyone don't believe it

svfd1118 says:

I grew up in Phoenix winning surf competitions in wave pools, I'm not bragging it's just the truth. After, I moved out to Hawaii because the next step from wave pools is the North Shore in winter, so that's where I went. I met an amazing friend named turtle, found a local girl that would rub aloe on my coral rash when I would eat shit surfing, fought locals, and got real surfing lessons from a round eye howlie, those were the days! I ended up learning important life lessons, way more important than the ones I learned from Vick that summer hiking, when he took us on Devils Tooth and abandoned us in the rain, what a dick! I know she's out there somewhere, on the western sky-e-i-e-i-liiiiiine whoa ooo oaaaaa………..You can't run you can't hide

FrE3zY & SmOgueur says:

ah le thug c une vaglette une ondulation ^^

Kaneki says:

Liké si vous avez kiffez

ChargersDesigns | Motion Design says:

i can barely ride a 70 foot without almost dieing

KingWatch HD says:

Nah , Portugal has some huge waves …

Kris Jacobo says:

here from 9gag

Kris Jacobo says:

here from 9gag

Shatdawn says:

Why do you always put this shitty noise that you call "sports music" on these videos ? Why don't you simply let the sound of water ?

Старик Джеймс «Rubaka Grand» says:

What'a Fuck Waves!!!!!!

Black Onyx says:

Later that day. He drowned in pussy.

Андрей Шамраев says:

Where is it?

Sport eXtreme Travel says:

i think 60 foot max.. but crazy man

ploppy345 says:

His balls are even bigger than the wave…

Disney Dreamer says:

That much water I'd be off balance

Ozcanberrakid7 says:

Imagine letting go of that rope

KillerSpider 92 says:

everytime when i was younger i used to dreem of the sea and used to wet my self in the middle of the night which is not fun reply and like if you did this to 🙁

Thomas Francis says:

The music kids listen to today…



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