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Foursquare Filled Icon Visor Ski Snowboard Beanie Black

Take a look at this Foursquare Filled Icon Visor Beanie and try to tell us you’re not impressed. It’s a sturdy type of beanie for people who need something that will last them. It features a short visor because we know the sun can get in your eyes even when it’s snowing. There is an embroidered logo on one side, but the rest of the beanie keeps it minimalistic and simple. This classic Foursquare beanie is made of a soft acrylic and is super comfortable.

Key Features of The Foursquare Filled Icon Visor Beanie:
100% soft acrylicMachine knitEmbroidery logoPrevious Season Gear

Product Features

  • 100% soft acrylic
  • Machine knit
  • Embroidery logo
  • Previous Season Gear

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