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Flexifoil 4-line Rage Sport Power Kite (1.8m2) Top Rated Kite Equipment From World Record Winning Designer – Safe, Reliable & Durable Gear for Kite Training + Power & Traction Kiting …

•PREMIUM QUALITY – At Flexifoil we are endlessly testing materials to bring our customers the best equipment that the sport has to offer. In the Rage we have constructed the ultimate combination of Tear Resistant Technology, Strength to withstand the fiercest winds, and Long Term Durability so you can use your kite time and again with complete confidence.

•POWER – The bridle line of our kite is made from the finest calibre of Dyneema, which has supreme strength and stretch capabilities. As a result our kite maintains it’s shape in the sky, even in the most adverse of weather conditions.

•SPEED & STRENGTH – Our new updated Rage kites are designed with a ‘Triple A Bridle Adjuster’ allowing you to adjust & control the power and speed characteristics of the kite whilst you fly, ensuring exceptional results.

•VERSATILITY – The Rage is designed as a High Performance Traction Kite SUITABLE FOR ALL LEVELS of kite flyer.Whether teaching basic kite skills or operating as a professional kite for experienced buggiers, the Rage is peerless in it’s adaptability. It is the Kite you can learn on, but never outgrow…

•MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Paramount product quality is our promise. We are so confident in the class of our kites that we offer a 90 day money back guarantee to all of our customers. So what are you waiting for? INVEST IN THE BEST…click ADD TO CART now!

Product Features

  • PREMIUM QUALITY – We Provide The Best Product Our Sport Has to Offer
  • ANTI-TEAR TECHNOLOGY – For Durability & High Performance for years to come.
  • VERSATILITY – For Learners as well as Professional Use. The Rage is the Kite you can learn on but never outgrow…
  • Includes: 1.8m2 Rage Kite Canopy + Triple A Bridle Adjuster/Instruction Manual/Kite Storage Bag (Prolink Handles and Flexifoil Dyneema Line Set – 200kg & 100kg – 25m – 4 Line Set need to be purchased seperately)
  • IMPORTANT – This kite does not come with a bar, handles or lines as standard. Flexifoil recommend Pro-Link Handles (With Safety) and 2 x 200kg, 2 x 100kg, 25m 4-Line Set with all sizes of the Rage Kite.

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