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Good Morning Young Groms,

I’ve got the surf trip bug! After scoring Iceland for the first time last year, I have become addicted. The year before that I got skunked at Jaws (2021). Afterward, my bank account and motivation were at an all time low. Iceland round 1 lit a fire beneath me and I worked super hard to slowly save up some money. And now my biggest goal is go surf all 7 continents by the time I am 30 years old. Today we made a huge step by putting the feet in the wax and surfing Africa for the first time! We now have North America, Europe and Africa down! South America, Oceania, Asia and Antarctica are still pending. Stay tuned because there’s more continents to surf, but the swell is here and its time to surf!

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@todd_euliano says:

Dangggg Dawg!!! So sick 🤘

@mzislam94 says:

Epic drop!!🔥 love how you dropped the “Asalamu Alaikum.” now your considered a local now and have priority 🫡.. I peeped that drop in by someone as well 😂

@funafter5081 says:

Are you serious Doc! From Iceland to Africa!!!??? I’m speechless… Nice opening sesh! A little traffic but you had some nice long rides…and no rubber!!!…Bonus! Cheers, John

@emersonmahoney3904 says:

Throwing some spray at banana ya boii

@midliferising says:

That looks like Morocco!! I actually want to surf there some day. You scored BIG TIME on that DUSK wave!! Seriously stoked on this series!!

@scottmcwave9479 says:

Nice to see you not covered head to toe in rubber!🏄‍♂️🤙

@DR-bu1sr says:

Dude you're looking yoked these days … Hey go surf Anza and cut off some of those boogies for me SMH hahaha ANZA is fucking sickkkkkkk i promise you …. I might have some other advice for you too 😉

@DawggyBagz says:

Wtf???? LFG

@DR-bu1sr says:

Yooo Big Lukey I was actually just there throughout January 😉

@michaelj8793 says:

I just have to thank you for sharing your journey with us Doc super appreciate you my friend Be well and Safe travels 👍🤙

@ocean-barrels says:

unbelievable time line, that was some wave, is this Morocco👍

@robertcorbett5210 says:

Skeleton bay next👀

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