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Fight Shorts by Blok-IT – These Boxing and MMA Shorts are Competition Grade, Yet Flexible and Comfortable for Everyday Training – Great for all Martial Arts, Surfing, and Skateboarding (White & Blue, Medium)

Fight Shorts by Blok-IT

When it comes to fight shorts, flexibility, durability and comfort are all important and greatly aid the fighter into winning a match – and these MMA shorts offer all three attributes in spades.

Comfortable and Hard Wearing

The cut and design of these martial arts shorts has been especially engineered to suit all kinds of modern martial arts fighting, offering a comfortable and lightweight stretchable polyester fabric that rolls with the blows, allowing the wearer more flexibility.

Suitable For Range Of Combat Sports

The modern design ensures that the shorts look good when training, fighting or even just walking down the street. The shorts are suitable for a wide range of martial arts, including boxing, Mauy Thai, MMA and Kickboxing. They can also be used as board shorts for surfing or skateboarding.

These shorts are unisex, making them a great choice of women’s MMA shorts as well as for men.

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Product Features

  • Strong and Durable These Shorts Are Designed For the Stresses of Martial Arts Competition
  • 4 Way Micro Stretch Fibre Means That These Shorts are a Superior Make and Design
  • Strong Enforcements and Split Seams For Durability and Comfort
  • Professional Quality Materials and Design
  • For Martial Arts Including: MMA, Boxing, Mauy Thai and Kickboxing. Shorts are also suitable as board shorts for surfing or skateboarding.

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