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Every Surfers Worst Nightmare…

In this video I explain every surfers worst nightmare. I show numerous clips of being caught on the inside of JAWS , Nazare, Mavericks and more to show the beatdowns that pro surfers like Kai lenny take. These are the biggest wave and wipeouts in the world , causing surfers to go over the falls at places like the wedge and teahupo’o. I also give tips on duck diving and breath holding techniques in case you encounter a two wave hold down.

Video clip credit : Brad Jacobson, Nathan Florence, WSL, Kai Lenny , Mark Healy , Surfers of Bali, Beefs T.V and more.

DISCLAIMER : I am not a lifeguard nor certified all information comes from my experience in the ocean and websites with ocean safety protocols. I do not encourage you to perform the surfing actions or advice in this video and I am no way held liable for injury or death. This video is for educational / Entertainment purposes only.

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All content above is meant to be transformative for educational purposes under the fair use section 107 of the Copyright Act.

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@jerrynulty1479 says:

I had a 3 wave rouge set hold down at Chuns when I was young and strong. I wiped out in the impact zone on the drop and the heavy trades blew my board back into my face…it was only double overhead but the beating left memories. There was so much air bubbles in the water I would not float or start to rise and when I did make it up, there was another lip coming down on my head. I still like Chuns…,

@miketausig4205 says:

This is actually a REALLY good tutorial. Most “tutorials” are no better than sweaty balls on a hot day, but this one actually gives good suggestions. #3, taking a moment to gather yourself and look for other surfers to help get your bearings is something many folks miss when getting hammered. It feels like an eternity, but in reality it just isn’t that long when taking a couple to the head. Being calm uses less oxygen internally.

Best advice I can give folks is to practice holding your breath outside of the water. If you can hold your breath for 90 seconds, that should be enough for most surfers. Those who surf big waves need more, but for the average guy or gal who surfs, it’s rare to find yourself on waves bigger than 10-15’ faces.

@chuchonmc says:

As a surf photographer I only have one more tip for these situations:
– Think always about the next one. It doesn't matter if a big wave is going to smash you, while you are diving you have to think "the next one is worst" instead of "just this and I'm safe". Think always there is a next one because many times will be. That with the calm and the breathe made myself to escape from many dangerous situations for me and my camera.

@colvingazelle says:

My preferred method was to stay on the beach when the waves were overhead and mostly surf beach breaks. Yes, I was a casual surfer but I loved it!

@tinanaioti3214 says:

Exactly. Mine too. I’ll just watch from the shore

@frednurc4088 says:

I avoid Mooloolabar beach (QLD Australia) because I got dumped and my cheek landed on the sand twisting my neck. I heard it creak. I had a graze on it from the wave pressing me down against the sand and it scraping my face. My ex broke a vertebrae while catching waves in the same beach. I choose deeper waters. My worst fear is not being ragdolled, but being pushed against something solid while being ragdolled.

@srfy287 says:

I know that all sounds fine and dandy. But I'm a pretty hybrid guy to begin with so unfortunately, I always panic even if I'm held under on a 2 foot wave it's just my personality. I wish I could do better

@SixDigitOsu says:

I don't surf. I don't even live near the beach. But this was still very interesting too watch.

@FOHguy says:

Back in the 70s, we didn't have jet skis and such. We paddled in, got pitched over the falls and died. And by the gods, we enjoyed it. Every time!😂

@Jappley says:

My favorite strategy for avoiding all of these dangerous waves is staying inside and playing video games. 100% effective!

@RUForeal-sg3uf says:

I once I ditched my board at Hazards Canyon Montana De Oro CA, on over 10 foot sets total of six in a row. I checked my 6 and no other surfers were following, but still regret ditching. Had a weak not neoprene coated bungee cord leash that snapped. The board washed up and the rest was easy just dive before the break on the remaining cleanups. I dove so deep I saw some fishes on the reef ..very cool. I used a technique when sucked up in the face. Point the nose of the board toward the shore, hugging the tale tight. Punch then pull the board through the face, if sucked over hold onto the board very tight and its possible to ride out the soup. It's a rough ride with some flips but eventually you'll fly out of the soup. Hold downs never last that long though seem like forever in a panic. Getting caught inside will always suck, but becomes less of a nightmare over time.

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