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Epic surf session at Jaws – Red Bull Young Jaws

Red Bull Young Jaws pits Ian Walsh and a crew of up-and-coming big wave surfers against the world’s most infamous waves and biggest swells to ever hit Hawaii.

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Emiliosoot The Pig says:

witch island

Soltana Houyam says:

wher is this city in hawaii?? is this Honololo?? or Oahu ???

ronbronb says:

I find it odd that I never get invited. Coincidence? I don't think so.

zoega7 says:

enorme montaje

Bushwick Bundy says:

Visited Jaws lots in my 2 week trip to Maui. Everything's dangerous there, especially the road to Hana.

MrNikoZero says:

I cri everytim when a jetski is bruuken by them :X

magorkel says:

on wipeouts can the board fly up and hit you in the scrotum sac? that would be worse than anything

baggedwrxwagon says:

You can almost watch the skin cancer develop…

Andrew Hacker says:

Why the dumb soundtrack?

LUCA Youtube says:

really cool

Dhen Pernia says:


CosTanSin says:

0:30 DAFUC?!

ScientistDanny says:

I've watched waves from the cliff… They look small from up there, but there actually monster waves!

viktor dias says:

Big and perfect waves

Jesse Foster says:

just cause you suck at surfing doesnt mean surfers are jerks

Praia Norte says:

now you have to come here 🙂 PORTUGAL Nazaré – North Beach Canyon …that is BIG 😉

Алекс Турбо says:

extreme surf session?Ha-ha!How about this… watch?v=4Fqg43ozz7A???

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