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Epic LIGHTSURF In ICELAND by Igor Belido

A Surf trip dedicated to Wave search, to Iceland, one of the coldest place in all Europe. Subscribe for your daily video from SurfersVillage Here:

The Extreme weather situation could allow surfers experiment ultimate condition, and change this travel to an epic odyssey surrounded by ice and snow. The surf practice in those conditions, becomes an unbearable painful fight more often rather than a fun sport. the temperatures easily go down to -25ºC.

Un viaje en busca de olas, a uno de los lugares más fríos de Europa. Las condiciones climatológicas extremas que llegan a experimentar los surfistas, convierten el viaje en una odisea en la que la nieve y el hielo son los protagonistas. El surf en esas condiciones se convierte en extremo y muchas veces casi insostenible. Las temperaturas de hasta -25º son una buena prueva de ello.

SURFERS: Hodei Collazo, Imanol Yeregi, Natxo González
Directed by: Igor Bellido & Produced with: Mitxel Produkzioak

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Steve Walsh says:

Please someone tell me whats the name of that song?

Pablo Baquero says:

nice video, amazing waves. Can you tell me the name of video´s song?

Rachel Carpentier says:

Awesome! Whats the song? also awesome!

SurfingXtreme says:

Incredible cinematography! This is quality!

Scheut says:

A brave boy

Frédéric says:

what is the Music to 1,30min ?? thanks

sagePVP969 says:

sick one bro 🙂 keep it up

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