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Epic Gear Adjustable Double Surfboard Bag w/ Wheels – 8’4″

Your surfboard bag just doesn’t fit right? Too much room at the nose? Or you had to buy one bag to fit your longest surfboard but the rest of your quiver drowns in the bag. Then take a look at this adjustable bag.

It can hold two boards with removable fins, has removable wheels (see pics) and can be adjusted over a foot in length. The sturdy straps, reflective top and durable nylon bottom complete the package.

Select 6’1″ for a bag that can be 5’6″ – 6’9″
Select 7’1″ for a bag that can be 6’6″ – 7’9″
Select 8’4″ for a bag that can be 7’6″ – 9’2″
Select 10′ for a bag that can be 9′ – 11′

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