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Elastic Stretch Out Strap with Loops by Yoga EVO + eBook & 35 Online Video Exercises, Upper & Lower Body Daily Routines, Gymnastic and Dancer Warm Up Equipment, Physical Therapy and Recovery

What if we told you that with 10 to 15 minutes a day, following a simple routine you can feel like a child again?
How many times you felt your arms and legs tired for no reason? How annoying is a back pain?
Most of the times the pain comes from the muscles. Of course, more serious condition always needs a Medic check, but in this fast changing times, the truth is that we have less time to do proper physical activities and here the problem starts. Our body is an awesome machine. If a muscle is not used for a sustain period of time, it contracts to save energy. The downside is that with this contraction we lose mobility. Just by sitting down all day long our standing up becomes more difficult and so on.

The good news is that this can easily be fixed and more importantly, be prevented! Any form of exercise is good, but we recommend you to try our Yoga Stretching Strap. Why?
-You can work on particular groups of muscles with no effort at home or at the gym
-The strap has loops so you get a better grip of the strap and track your progress
-It is so soft due to its special blend that you will never have to worry about burning hands during long poses
-You also get a special program with more than 35 videos so you can learn all there is to know about proper muscle stretching
-With the elastic properties our strap have it is almost impossible to get injured

What you will find inside the box:
-Yoga Stretching Strap
-Carrying Bag
-Instructional Pamphlet + password

Our terms are simple:
If anything happens to the strap during the 5 years Warranty we will change it for free.
If, by any reason, you are not loving the strap or the results you have “90 Days Money Back No Questions Asked Guarantee”.

If all of this is exactly what you need click “Add to Cart” now before we run out of stock again!
Let’s stretch our limits!

Product Features

  • INNOVATING: The strap has 10 loops so is comfortable to hold during poses and is made from a high quality Cotton, Nylon, Rubber Thread Blend that makes it soft to touch. You will never experience that burning feel and irritating sensation again during long stretches.
  • BONUSES: Learning Platform and Carrying Bag. If you choose to stretch at home you will get access to more than 120 minutes of professional video trainings covering basic stretching exercises and full body routines. But if you choose to attend a Yoga Class you can always carry your strap in style.
  • BEGINNER FRIENDLY: The strap is firm enough to hold your poses but also offers enough elasticity to help you avoid injuries. Aside the video courses you will receive access to a basic instructions eBook.
  • LONG LASTING: The premium blend and reinforced stitches will help stretch with no worries. The strap will pass every normal workout stress test.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: And just to be sure that we stand for all the above “All genuine Yoga-EVO products come with a 90 Days Full Refund No Question Asked Guarantee and 5 years Warranty”

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PattyT says:

Superior yoga strap can be used for so much more than yoga! I have been doing yoga for a long time but am no expert. I had to stop for a while due to a neck injury and now I am back at it and realize my flexibility isn’t what it once was. When I was doing physical therapy for my neck, my PT used a yoga stretching strap for me to stretch out my body and get more flexible without pulling on my neck. His strap was not elasticated or stretchy. I bought the same one he had and have been using it at home. When I saw this one, I thought it was great that it…

Maggie W says:

Great strap!! I’m new to yoga so I wasn’t quite sure what to do with a strap when I ordered this product. The instructional booklet that came with the strap was very helpful. It even tells you which loop to use for each stretch and has a picture to show the proper way to do the stretch. The instructional eBook and online video courses were also extremely helpful as my husband and I figure out what we’re doing.I have never seen a yoga strap with loops like this one so I thought it was a little odd…

Edward says:

Awesome Tool for Starting Yoga! Great for the beginning yoga practitioner, or anyone that stretches or should be stretching on a routine basis. Its made with premium materials, feels wonderful and comes with a nice carrying case. It also has labeled loops for ease of use and options for skill level with different stretches.Pros:- Smooth silky feel – no irritation possible from contact with the skin- very strong with a good amount of stretch-…

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