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Dxdiver Long Sleeve Blue Rash Guard Xlarge Dive Skin Warm Water Heavy-duty Nylon/lycra Spandex Dive Suit Scuba Diver Snorkel Snorkeling Sun Protection Swim Swimming Swimmer Swim Gear Triathlon Surf Surfing Rash Guard Wet Suit Wetsuit

DXDivers Rash Guard, all lycra construction offering SPF 50 protection for the sun. The DXDivers Long Sleeve Rashguard protects your skin from cuts, scrapes, stinging jellyfish and sunburn. DXDivers Rashguards also let you enjoy the ease of slipping into your wetsuit without tugging and fighting. Not only functional, these longsleeve rashguards by DXDivers also look great!

Product Features

  • SPF 50
  • Lycra
  • Great for all Outdoor Activites

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