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Driftsun Nymbus 58″ x 20″ Pink Foam Surfboard, with EPS Foam Core, Includes 3 Removable Fins

Smoother Surfing Experience
The Driftsun Nymbus Foam Surfboard is designed by real surfers for surfers — both beginners and pros alike! Expect optimal surfing experience with quality boards at easy-breezy rates!

The Driftsun 58 x 20 Foam Surfboard is crafted using high-performance materials and top notch construction focused on giving riders riders a smoother surfing experience. The proportional thruster fin set-up and sleek nose of the surfboard widens into 20 inches of levelled body and pulls into a curved rear.

The EPS Foam core gives the Driftsun surfboard better volume and buoyancy, resulting to longer and more stable rides. Riders can also stay standing on and paddle through easily and comfortably with the soft, yet firm make of the surfboard.

Included with the package are 3 easy to attach and remove fins to help surfers gain controlled speed and maneuverability. The fin accessories combined with the powerful design of the surfboard result to fluid take-offs and sharp turns.

With its comfortable yet durable material, sleek outline, and controllability, it is the ideal surfboard for beginners. Gain confidence as you catch more waves and surf with ease and style with the Driftsun 58 x 20 Pink Foam Surfboard.

• Smooth Surfboard Design. The outline of the surfboard is designed for easy take-offs, sharp turns, and better control.
•EPS Foam Core. Gives extra buoyancy to the surfboard for longer and more stable rides.
•Ideal for Training. Powerful yet comfortable build and fin inclusions ideal for developing surfing skills.
•Durability. Heavy-duty material and construction for longer use. 3 Fin Accessories. The conveniently included fins result to better mobility and control.

Product Features

  • HIGH EFFICIENCY SURFBOARD DESIGN. The design of the Driftsun Foam surfboard is geared towards high-efficiency. From its seamless thruster nose that widens out to its 20 in body ending in a curved rear, it is poised to have more buoyancy and smooth take-offs and turns.
  • LONGER, MORE STABLE RIDES. The EPS foam core and the outline of the Driftsun board give it maximum stability. Excellent for inexperienced riders. The volume of the foam make the surfboard stay afloat better, helping the surfer stay standing on and enjoy longer rides. EPE soft foam decking, helps prevent dings to the core, excellent traction without the need for wax. Can be waxed for additional traction.
  • PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS. Foam surfboards are the boards of choice for beginners. Its smooth outline, heavy duty core, and 3 removable fins help surfers catch more waves and build their confidence in the process. Its high buoyancy quality results to stability and easy paddling.
  • COMFORTABLY DURABLE. Paddle faster and stand up easier. The Driftsun surfboard is made with firm and comfortable materials so surfers stay afloat with ease and comfort. Its solid construction also makes it heavy-duty to transport and ride.
  • BETTER MANEUVERABILITY. The Driftsun Foam Surfboard package includes 3 easy-to-remove and attach fins. With this fin configuration, riders have better control, smoother take-offs, and sharper turns. The 3 fins allow the board to cut through the water with controlled speed and a more fluid motion.

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