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Dos Dias | Biggest Wave SURFING | Zicatela Beach Mexico

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On July 5th, 2014, surfing history was made on the beach of Zicatela in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. From Brad Domke riding the biggest wave ever ridden on a skimboard, to Shane Dorian’s “drop heard round the world”, and all the insane rides in between. Lest we forget the perfection that was the following day as well. Dos dias full of incredible surfing from some amazing humans. Featuring Gavin Beschen, Rusty Long, Shane Dorian, Derek Dunfee, Brad Domke, Nic Lamb, Coco Nogales, Oscar Moncada, Gabriel Villaran, Brent Symes, among many more…

*For optimum quality & the full experience use over-ear headphones or quality speakers and turn it up, we hope you enjoy & thanks for watching!

Filmed by: Mike “Meatball” Mortimer and Dylan Palmer
Edited by: Dylan Palmer
Music by: Guadalupe Plata

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Andrew Coleman says:

I've surfed Zicatella but at about a tenth of the size of these waves and it was scarey as… Hats off to these geezers. Tienen grandes cojones.

Nathaniel Sundae says:

i wish this channel had more subs, it is really good :D

nikel Ooo says:

You just proved that I can hold my breath for 6 minutes!

ed furti says:

A lot of times huge, always beautiful.!!!

Philsurfmore Sinclair says:

Some serious guns and wicked guitar…cool vid

The_GrExY says:

this guy on his skimboard have the world record at 5:50

Carl is Black says:

Guadalupe Plata from Spain <3<3<3

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