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Dimples Excel Professional Racing Swim Goggles + Nose Clip + Earplugs Set (2 Pack) (Blue + Clear)

Dimples Excel® Premium Professional Racing Adults Swim Goggles

2 x Dimples Excel Swim goggles with L, M and S nose bridges
2 x Dimples Excel Goggle Cases, Clear
2 x Dimples Excel Swim Noseclip
2 x Dimples Excel Swim Earplugs

No swim goggles can be guaranteed fog-free, not even ours. However, there are things you can do to minimize the risk of fogging
• Wet inside of goggles before use and wash with fresh water after use.
• Do not rub or scratch inside of goggles.
• Anti-fog treatment will wear off over time. To increase longevity of goggles, use anti-fog solution (available from specialist retailers). Saliva, toothpaste and baby shampoo gently applied to lenses can all be used as temporary measures but are not recommended as a long term solution.

1. Hold the lens and nose piece firmly, pull the nose piece up and inward, towards the center of the goggles, the nose piece is quite snug and may require a bit of effort.
2. After you have selected your preferred size, align the nose piece with the opening and simply press straight in. You will hear a clicking sound when inserted properly.

Alternative nose piece removal:
1. Use a pen or a similar pointed object. Locate the nose piece pins on the underside of the goggles. With the point of the pen, carefully and slowly push the nose piece out.

• Check lenses for scratches and cracks carefully before use.
• Very occasionally, silicone straps may cause skin irritation. Consult with your doctor if this occurs.
• Do not look at directly at the sun when using goggles.
• Avoid storing goggles with silicone swim caps as colour transfer may occur.

We always go extra mile to please our customers.If you have any questions please get in touch and we will do everything we can to solve them.

Product Features

  • ANTI FOG LENS: The lens has anti-fog treatment, is scratch resistant and PVC and latex free. The lens is not mirrored
  • EVERYTHING YOU NEEDED: Package Includes: 2 x Dimples Excel Swim goggles with L, M and S nose bridges; 2 x Noseclips; 2 x Earplugs; 2 x The Dimples Excel Goggle Cases, Clear
  • WIDE ANGLE DESIGN:Wide angle lens for improved visibility, makes goggles perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Easy to adjust dual silicone straps for a comfortable and tight fit. Silicone gasket creates a secure and watertight seal
  • PREMIUM QUALITY WITH LIFETIME WARRANTY: This product is covered by Dimples Excel’s Lifetime Warranty
  • 3 SIZE NOSE PIECES:3 sizes (S, M, L) makes goggles a perfect fit for different head sizes and shapes. Great for men, women and youths (NOT for kids)

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GySgt D.J. Wright (and wife) says:

Won’t hesitate to buy again. I love these goggles! Normally I buy what ever cheap goggles I can find for the season, but not anymore! I love the way these goggles adjust at the back of the head. You can put them on, pull the side with the adjustment clip so that the continuous side is the size you like. Take them off and adjust the clip so that they are the same. you then have a perfect fit with little to no fuss. They are really comfortable and make a good seal. The lenses are nice and clear, no scratches or nicks. The…

cathy graeve says:

Very well made. Very pleased! My grandkids love these. They are very well made. They are adjustable so either me or my grandkids can were them.I always like to buy these for the kids instead of the cheap ones cause the cheap kids ones always break. I know these will last for years and they can be able to adjust them as they grow.Ages of my grandkids are 8,10 and 7.I really like the nose plugs, cause my granddaughter hates getting water up her nose LOL!The ear plugs didn’t fit…

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