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Darkfin Webbed Power Gloves (ML)

Seamless design, no strap or stiching to come out. Made from Natural Latex Rubber so lighteweight and won’t absorb water. Cotton flocking allowes for amazing grip. Rear webbing provides 70% more surface area and power. The Contoured 3-D shape provides maximum comfort and dexterity.

Product Features

  • Seamless design
  • Natural Latex Rubber with Cotton Flocking
  • Rear Webbing
  • Countoured 3-D shape

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R. A. Selkirk says:

These are great! (Edit 4 months later) As a paraplegic I need swim gloves to do any swimming of distance. I’ve had neoprene swim gloves but they just don’t quite cut it. Then I tried a pair of these and was impressed. They take a bit of getting used to for technique, but the resistance you get for the power stroke is very good, and you don’t have as much drag on the return which is also very nice. I have rather large hands so I got the largest size they have and they (just) fit. If you’re looking for gloves to give you an extra…

Lagarto says:

They DO fit my HUGE hands I wear a size 14EEEE shoe, so I was concerned about the fit. Indeed, the mens XXL were too short in the fingers by about 3/4 inch. When I contacted customer service for the maker, Colleen instructed me to try snipping the ends off each fingertip and backed it with a satisfaction guarantee that I could still return them if I had a problem of any kind.Happy to report that they now fit PERFECTLY, and as a result of the open design, no water swells up inside – it just goes out the end…

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