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Dane Reynolds *NEW* Channel Islands Sampler Review – Compare Surfboards

We like Dane Reynolds. His models are always well received. This is special, the *NEW* Dane Reynolds Channel Islands Sampler Surfboard Review! Make sure you subscribe and never miss a video:


At first glance this Sampler surfboard may look like a stubby little Dumpster Diver small wave surfboards but, as Craig explains, the Channel Islands Sampler is a blazing fast little pocket rocket that loves a steeper face.

A little more accessible versus Channel Islands Surfboards last Dane Reynolds signature model release, the Channel Islands Peregrine, this Sampler is still best suited for surfers with some experience.

The signature Al Merrick hip squash tail allows you to surf loose and fast and provides break points for deep, carving turns off the top.

Sure to be a hit, this Dane Reynolds *NEW* Channel Islands Sampler Review.

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Steven Argomaniz says:

Any sizing advice for someone who is 5'11" and 160lbs? I'm thinking 5'9", but the stock dims put this board at 29.7 liters and I'd prefer if I could get that over 30 liters. Does the flat rocker help make the 5'9" seem like it has more float, or should I jump to 5'10"? Thanks!

101unz says:

tossing up between a sampler, a monster box, and a sci fi. can anyone help. chur

John Riggs says:

cute dress, mate

Pablo Siesta says:

Another new flyer!
had one.. went great

Will Gale says:

can anyone compare this to a new flyer? unsure which one too get

iamMarkCole says:

sampler vs. rocket9

Chris Wilson says:

Hey man, nice review! How does the Sampler compare to a Number 4? Considering making the switch. Cheers

Jay gotvik-dobson says:

is it for sale?

Himanshu Sinha says:

very useful information

Burkhartcheats says:

Can anyone say how this board compares to the Neckbeard?

xwhite2020 says:

Dude those waves a laughable. Surely a surfer can't take that seriously? I don't think any shaper would make a surfboard for non waves like that. It doesn't add anything to the review showing clips in 2 foot wind blown kiddies waves.

Ho Stevie! says:

I think I have the same shirt

Saddest surf channel of 2016 says:

Nice such a sick board wish I had 700$ to get it

benjic1000 says:

How can you possibly review boards when you can barely surf?????

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