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CLINCH GEAR | Compression Workout Shorts For Men (All Sports) – Prevents Chafing

– ITEM RUNS SMALL – Get ready for pain free workouts There’s nothing worse than chaffing slowing down your workouts! But being a guy makes it hard to avoid. It’s just part of our anatomy, so we need to take precautions and look after our skin daily. That means getting the proper protection, not just coverage but PROTECTION from the sweat that can cause chaffing. Clinch Gear compression shorts are made from a state of the art soft breathable material that will manage your sweat and make sure you don’t end up feeling uncomfortable. Your First Defense Against The Elements But it’s not just the sweat that needs taking care of. Your body is faced with environmental hazards every time you’re out there swimming, hiking, running, cycling, training or just messing around. Wear It All Year Round… Rash Guards are a vital piece of equipment in colder seasons too. The snug fit works as an excellent base layer compression shirt if you’re skiing, snowboarding or hiking. You’ll love the way the nylon, spandex blend keeps your muscles fluid, strong and protects you from the cold. Customers tell us they like the comfort and slim fit so much they’ve started wearing them more than their t-shirts. It’s the sleek fit and dynamic material blend that’ll make you feel strong, trim and powerful. Many of our most loyal customers are into mixed martial arts (MMA) or Brazilian Jiu Jitzu (BJJ). Not only is the nylon and spandex blend softer and more flexible material than a GI, but no flashy branding slashed across your chest you’ll be kicking butt in style.

Product Features

  • PERFECT FOR ANY ACTIVITY – The soft material and solid color make Clinch Gear Rash Guards excellent for Swimming, Running, Cycling, Surfing, Paddle Boarding, Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Cross-Training WOD’s or any type of exercise or recreation activity.
  • STAY DRY & COOL – Integrated wicking technology manages moisture for quick-drying performance. Scientifically engineered to prevent chafing and keep you cool & dry while allowing for total mobility.
  • BOOST PERFORMANCE – High-tech fabrics designed to provide an ideal level of surface pressure to enhance circulation and increase oxygen delivery that increases your power, speed & stamina.
  • RECOVER FASTER – Users have reported that when wearing high-tech compression technology fabrics they notice more endurance and stamina, less soreness post-workout, and faster recovery.
  • MADE TO LAST – Clinch Gear rash-guards are extremely flexible and feature state of the art DOUBLE FLAT LOCK STITCHING for a longer lasting shirt. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED

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Jerry G. says:

Great, thick compression shorts that appear to be well … Great, thick compression shorts that appear to be well made. These aren’t jock strap replacements you wear under athletic shorts, you can wear them alone if you don’t mind the occasional meat gazer. The leg beads hold these in place, and the drawstring waistband is wonderful. The only caveat I have is that if you are a larger guy, the sizing chart isn’t quite accurate. I have a 40 inch waist and thick legs so I went with the XXL, and though they are “form fitting”, they are too large to…

Daniel bartlett says:

I use these a compressions for running and was surprised at how comfortable they were

Amazon Customer says:

Good quality athletic compression shorts for a fair price. Was able to acquire these shorts recently for a discounted price for a review and have used them a few time now for both athletics and as an undergarment under my work uniform. These shorts are true to their description. They stay in place well and are not too tight. For athletic purposes, I definitely enjoy how well they do stay in place. I personally am not as big of a fan of how much room there is in the crotch of the shorts, but if you were using these with a cup, then that would not be a…

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