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Churchill Makapuu Swimfins -Blue/Yellow

Invented in 1936, Churchill Floating Fins utilize a patented design which gives you optimum power and acceleration for catching waves. Makapuu fins also act like a skeg on a surfboard to help maintain total control. The rubber foot pocket is soft for complete comfort and includes a drain hole. The yellow rubber found on the blade is stiff for more kick power!

Product Features

  • Patented design floating fins
  • Provides power and acceleration
  • Comfortable rubber foot pocket

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Koko Black says:

Doesn’t float! I wear a size 7.5 in men’s and ordered a medium. The fit was a little bit big but I tried them anyway. Should have gotten the fin savers to go with these because the right foot popped off on the second wave. I was expecting the fin to surface.. It did no such thing! These only float in pools or still water, I think. The fin never washed to shore.I could not find the size chart online so here’s what’s posted on the box: (US men’s sizes)XS 3-4.5S 5-6.5M 7-8.5…

Graham Morris says:

classics 0

Richard Rowell says:

Awesome, wider then you expect, “floats” is in quotations for a reason. Bought these NOT from Amazon, but through an affiliate. Used them bodyboarding today for the first time. I could not believe how wide they are. I wear a 13EEE or a 14 usually, so I ordered and XL. On my last outing of the day the right flipper slid off a little while walking out. I corrected then promptly lost the flipper on the next wave. It was not on the shore, I will walk the beach again tomorrow, therefore “floats” is in quotations. These performed AWESOME earlier when I had booties…

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