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Caught On Tape: Daredevil Surfer Tackles Largest Wave Ever

Garrett McNamara breaks world record, surfs wave 100 feet high.

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ITsIMP0RT4NT says:

HA! That aint shit! You should see the waves I surf in my tub!

Ronaldinho Silvester says:

that is epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nikerocks101 says:

Are you sure that's  a wave? To me, it looks like a tsunami…

King of The Spikes says:

what about the mega tsunami in alaska , that one was 1706.5 feet tall

maxwelld23 says:

Must be Bodhi surfing bells beach 

Dibstubes says:

Well he went high

Floka ³ says:

30,48 Meter <— For all normal people

Natsu Tsuna says:

what happens if the wave hits you? its just water, cmon

mike billy says:

He admits with a soft chuckle I must be a little crazy.

Burtonsonline says:

who here would like to be footballer when they are older? i do! trust me i'm not just a wannabee i'm real good at it and i plan to be one when i am older. 🙂
by the way if u would like to do this u are crazy

Burtonsonline says:

i really don't think i would like to do that especially looking at the reward u get

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