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Caught inside at Jaws on Jan 21, 2015 – XXL Big Wave Awards Moment

A building swell catches a pack of top big wave surfers in exciting fashion at Jaws, Maui, Hawaii on January 21, 2015. Video by Giora Koren. A moment of high surf drama brought to you by the XXL Big Wave Awards. For more information see

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sexy pudding says:

imagine hitting that wave on a jet ski

Mitch Donovan says:

The true meaning of churn

stacey rigas says:

Ahahah they are all like "abandon ship!" That's so scary

sunsensational says:

damn…they got lit big time…wouldn't get me out there for a million bucks

leonardo cook says:

I've bodyboarded 6 to 7 ft waves and was scared I can't imagine these guys

takfam07 says:

Surprising how many of them seemed to bail too late and too high on the wave.

Of course, you KNOW that wave was moving mighty fast.

A few of them went over, for sure.

Tee Larkin says:

Dont think you can call yourself a true "waterman" untill you been caught inside at Jaws..paddle for the horizon and hope you clear da lip brudda.Sketchy as hell.

biscotti555 says:

Did any of them make it over the wave?

pbaylis1 says:

Guy that just made it over the shoulder must have been stoked. Wait, did he make it?

Joshua “Water Dragon” Deale says:

man i got knocked down and smashed all around under water by a wave thats about 10 feet high and I'm 6'2 almost drowned and couldn't get back up over water….. me being in this situation, i might as well say i wanna stop living

athrin173 says:

That shit is insane!! Watching all the surfers dive in is wild

banana boy brookes says:

When they got of there boards and dived into the wave does that mean there leash could snap and there boards get pounded and break?

Cole M says:

Fuck that

jam agrumes says:

please can someone explain to me once and for all hovv you survive this ? thank you 

jeanne keroj says:

Those monster sounds in the make ground make it more terrified. 

Chad Williams says:

I wish these videos would show the aftermath. I want to see how long guys were down, did the next wave get them, etc. 

Chinski says:

That is insane….

madzappa says:

Damn, do those leashes let go under load? Or is actually better to stay tied in for flotation… if it doesn't rip your leg off that is? 

dan greenfield says:

there is only word to describe this, it begins with a S and ends with a T !



TheBabakanoosh says:

What is your plan of attack at that point

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