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By Bill Yerkes The Beach Boys on Tour 1966, Surfboards, Stratocasters, Striped Shirts [Hardcover]

By Bill Yerkes Foreword by Bruce Johnston. Over 160 glossy pages of previously unpublished photos including candid backstage, dressing room rehearsals, and onstage (some from the stage). The original negatives have been scanned and reproduced to the highest quality. Bill Yerkes (aka “Balsa Bill”) is a Hall of Fame surfer, surfboard builder, musician, photographer and film maker. All of which gives him a unique perspective of the time and the subject. Al Jardine says, “What a journey down memory lane. A slice of life on the road with the touring band at the peak of an era.” If you would like your book signed with a special inscription, send an email to [email protected] and reference your order.

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1966- The Greatest Year in Rock n Roll History Revisited It was great reviewing these photographs of the Beach Boys when they were the number one rock n roll band in the world 1966 was the greatest year for rock music.The Beach Boys, led by genius Brian Wilson , were by far the most innovative and exciting band around . These black & white photo’s capture some of the memories of that wonderful year when incredible enduring music was being created. Nobody could hold a torch to the Beach Boys intricate vocal arrangements on Pet Sounds and their live…

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Wonderful Book!!!

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