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Brad Domke Skimboards Better Than You’ll Ever Surf

You’re right, that’s not surfing. And no, it doesn’t matter. Florida’s Brad Domke has made a name for himself in the surf world, but not for riding a surfboard. He’s surfing massive waves on a skimboard. No fins, no paddling, just step-offs from the jetski into bone crushing XXL surf. Feast your eyes on what might be the greatest surfing that’s ever gone down, that isn’t actually surfing. And big ups to Domke for sending it as he does best. The dude rips.

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ricky duke says:

I feel like tow skimming waves kinda defeats the purpose. Like why not just surf then

Bond Summers says:

That's still surfing

Jonathan dobbs says:

He's good, but the tittle was wrong…….. I surf better than he skim boards…. Just saying…

skategangster says:

This guy clearly doesn't realize that this is impossible..

seducete y explota says:

Que locura ?

Simplyme Kona says:

Pretty hard to do all that on a skim board .. didn't think it was possible

Carl Harverson says:

Isn't this a bit like riding a tricycle on a giant half pipe?

Mscar 760 says:

Totally insane how did you survive 1:20 ?

tim smith says:

So this video starts off like every other skimboard video with some decent air off a decent shore break and then……… Mind blown. 

Cameron Conner (Rooster) says:

Very Cool

Nathan James says:

no fins.

Tyler E says:

How dose he drop in

Jordan McLaughlin says:

how many boards do you think he's lost?

Brian Jackson says:

1:23 … I have felt this same pain.

Nick Aëgirsson says:

ok ok ok; he skimboards better like I surf ! But very very  much better lol

Surfistão Rei says:

quando essas ondas grandes cai em cima, o sufista continua de pé na prancha ou ele cai na hora? se cair a onda deve sufocar um pouco

TheShitCRAY says:

only 3 words: DOPE AS FUCK!

clarkewi says:

Love it.

Alfa Niner says:

OMFG 1:06 is a freight train.

shackhound says:

Remarkable and astonishing.

TrapBum says:

surfing is cool and all, but skimboarding is much better :D

rchalmers3 says:

It looked like he struggled to set an edge going backside. Is that the Achilles heel of skim boarding vs surfing?


Dan Sam-man says:

go hit teahupoo dude!!

smallfaucet says:

360 shove it in front of a barrel? damn!!!

Syd Goat says:

he's making a mockery of those huge waves (i bet regular fin-surfers hate this cunt!)

Dashel Perera says:


Lars T says:

This guy is crazy!

Christian Repenter says:

NO WAY!!!!

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