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Boardworks Froth! | Soft Top Surfboard | 3 Fins | Wake Surfboard | 5′ | Mint

Designed to catch more waves and have a good time! These wave catching machines are a super stable platform for surfers of all abilities. They cover the full gamut and cater to all shapes and sizes. The light, yet durable construction makes it super user friendly and fun. The soft EVA outer skin, wraps a fully glassed expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam core, promoting optimal performance to a soft top board. Hit the accelerator at your favorited point break, boost some airs, or lay into some wedges at the nearest beach-break. Frp (Fiberglass reinforces polymer design combines fiberglass with polymer to create a durable fin with better flex than standard nylon plastic fins.

Product Features

  • Created for fun and versatility with generous volume
  • Can be used by beginners, rippers, and wake surfers
  • Light, yet durable construction makes it Super user friendly and fun for all abilities
  • Froth brand recognized in the wall street journal’s gear & gadgets column as “game changing gear”
  • Soft EVA outer skin wraps a fully glassed EPS foam core

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Anonymous says:

Pleasantly Surprised I originally purchased this board for my son (16) and daughter (13) – to bring along on the family spring break vacation in Florida. Daughter has boogie boarded and son is learning how to surf.I wanted to make sure we had some activities to keep the kids from being bored at the beach and didn’t want to drag my fiberglass boards all the way to Florida.My plan worked perfectly. Kids loved the board… so much that I should have gotten two of them. Board was well made, stiff…

Anonymous says:

The board is nice but pictures are misleading. Also, low quality product.

Anonymous says:

Frothing at the mouth to surf this again! Crazy fun! First two sessions today at two different breaks, super fast right, and a thick left point break. The strong offshore wind held up the board a bit on the right, and I hadn’t applied wax, so kinda slippery. The second session felt great. Real fast and had a great balance And feel of both rigidity and flex. Could be both a small grom beginner board or used to mix it up for experienced surfers.By the way, I got the 5’0” and I’m 5’11”…

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