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Blueseventy Thermal Swim Gloves One Color, L

Swimming in cold water can be invigorating, for a few minutes. After a few strokes, your hands begin to feel numb and feeling that water becomes difficult. This can damage the nerves in your hand and lead to frostbite or permanent damage. Blueseventy’s Thermal Swim Gloves keep your fingers toasty so you’re able to train year-round. The gloves were constructed from jersey that was layered with a thin slice of silver neoprene. This rubbery wonder-fabric keeps the jersey from making direct contact with the water so the glove won’t absorb water. This means that the gloves function like a wetsuit in that the small amounts of water in the gloves are heated by your body heat. SCS coats the silver neoprene which makes the gloves easy to remove. The Blueseventy Thermal Swim Gloves are available in sizes Small and Large. They come in One color.

Product Features

  • Material: jersey covered with silver neoprene
  • Closure: pull-on
  • Recommended Use: cold water swimming

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Lin Z. says:

These work and are notably better than older Blueseventy webbed thermal gloves. 0

S. Gupta says:

No more frozen fingers 0

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