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Blueseventy Skull Cap One Color, M

Whether you race triathlon or enjoy open water swimming as its own discipline, if you only swim in the pool your first race might be a bit of a shock — especially if the water is cold. For these reasons, Blueseventy created its Skull Cap. Constructed from 3mm Yamamoto Neoprene (the same neoprene found in its Reaction wetsuit), the Skull Cap provides all of the hydrodynamics, warmth, and comfort that’s found in a wetsuit. To keep it snug to your head, Blueseventy incorporated a flexible central panel along the top of the head. And as a result, the Skull Cap is conforming to most head shapes and sizes. Securing this fit, the cap extends over the ears and down into an integrated chin strap. This piece is soft and malleable, providing exceptional fit without inducing abrasion. The Blueseventy Skull Cap is available in the sizes Small, Medium, and Large.

Product Features

  • Material: Neoprene
  • Recommended Use: cold water swimming

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Charlesa G says:

Aha! So That’s How to Stay Warm! WOW, what a difference. Swimming in sub 60 degree water was giving me the dreaded ice cream headache. I could barely stand a minute or so with my head in the water without the cap. Today, I spent over an hour in 57 degree water, leisurely swimming laps with my head nearly under water. With the cap I felt I could have stayed in the water indefinitely. I plan to wear it surfing, too. I’ll let you know how that works out.I wear a 7 3/8 size hat, the LARGE size seems to be good…

SleggsDH says:

Kept my head warm! I bought this cap to keep my head warm in 59 degree salt water — and it worked! I raced in the Oceanside 70.3 triathlon and my head stayed perfectly warm during the whole 1900 meter swim. In fact, my head felt dry during the swim. I wore a normal latex cap over this neoprene cap, so I was essentially double insulated. I sandwiched my goggle strap between the latex and neoprene layers. I wasn’t sure what size to order so I just bought the medium (which worked fine for me). It wasn’t as tight…

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