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BIGGEST WAVES ever surfed! (Including arguably the world’s LARGEST WAVE ever caught on camera!)

BIGGEST WAVES ever surfed! (Including arguably the world’s LARGEST WAVE ever caught on camera film!)

We believe this big wave surfing video may well be the most extensive and complete pictorial collection of mega waves ever compiled!

From Praia do Norte, Portugal, to Jaws (Peahi) on Maui, Hawaii, and Teahupoʻo, Tahiti (as well as some other places in between) …we present some absolutely monstrous walls of water!

The music featured — called “The Maker” — was composed by PETER MCISAAC MUSIC.

Thanks for watching and listening!

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Lloyd C. Gallo says:

Great video! I'm subbing. But that last one had to have been photo shopped. Looks like 200ft tall.

Cynthia King says:


Robby Wilski says:

I caught one 50% bigger than the last one and did a floater on it too.

Gustavo Felipe says:

The perfect tune between man and the nature……..

ted cook says:

The last one if real is about 120 to 150ft.

Call me, Carlos says:

I think the last one was a shopped fake.

William Beck says:

Why this is not all nazare is kind of stupid; nazare indisputably the largest spot on the planet.

utuberine says:

The dude at 2:50 for some reason , looks about a second or two away from a very memorable shit eating experience.

S&G Industries says:

These people are crazy

Robert Dugson says:

2:30 ahh that may have been caused by me jumping in the water way out a sea

Kaiser Frost says:

I want to see this in person because I can't wrap my mind about a wave that big even existing. Also I would like to fathom meeting some hot surfer dudes. :)

Matthew Van says:

and you can tell it's the same one by looking at in your top left corner there's a about 10 cubic gallons of water that tells the story

Matthew Van says:

that looks like the same wave that sunk the boat on the "perfect storm" movie

Mario Petrauskas s-nation (s-nation) says:

The last one looks like it's photoshopped. Seen it a couple of times in the internet. Can anyone vouch that? The wave is too high and it doesn't look as if the surfer could speed up anymore to get out there. I thought Hamilton surfed the largest one.

Alberto ortiz says:

do u have ps4 amazing planet

Mia Raphaella says:

Did anyone survive those waves?

Rebecca Greco, MD says:

Wow this wave looked bigger than anything

midnightkitsume says:

More like a watery one way trip to the grave!

sherry a says:

It's So Amazing that waves like this actually exist !!! Crazy !!!! Wow !!

T Alberts says:

Music PLEASE!!!
Wuo is the composer?

These surfers are riding raw nature. The harmony and buzz they feel. WOW!
Riding the matrix

Faron Adams says:

surfs up dude ? nature is awesome,curl away dude lol

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