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Biggest Waves Ever surfed in Australia

openly regarded as the biggest waves surfe in Australian surfing history.

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Axometer says:

Is that off of Margaret River in WA?
And that music?

Alan Bland says:

Agree with some of the comments here… What a shocking choice for the soundtrack! Man there's so much more appropriate music available than destroying it with this… Shame…

Hoota Reboota says:

Fuck that shit excuse for music off… fuck it right off!. There's always some brain dead "CUNT" that'll destroy a cool video!!!

notnab72 says:

Great surfing, music is possibly the worst I have ever heard so bad its comical.

ditimely says:

Uh, Biggerthanbill this was posted up on 3/5/07 so there is a chance this may have been the biggest surf at the time.

Bigger Than Bill says:

To make a statement:
1. The title of this video needs to be changed
2. Markedly bigger waves were surfed in Oct 2013 in Tasmania
3. You can only get to the Tas wave by boat
4. Both Tyler and James Hollmer-Cross bagged waves in this session that are regarded as the biggest surfed in Australian waters
5. There is video and photographic evidence of this session
6. The waves in Tas are on a par with any Jaws session
7. There you go

Matthew Lockhart says:

I wanna surf there… The biggest waves ive been on was at mavericks

Tom Cloke says:

Yeah Western Australia gets huge waves in 2011 April it was around 5 meters

ighfee says:

to answer a few questions

1. its cow bombie. 2km nw of gracetown, western australia.
2. it only breaks about 3 times a year. i know, i lived there.
3. you can only get to it by boat.
4. 1:58 was measured at 60 feet. surfer is alfy carter.
5. its about the same size as mavericks.
6. its not even close to jaws.
7. people have paddled into it.
8. the music accompaying this video is terrible.

Gabriel Fernandez says:

Totaly tits

XbsnuserX says:

what spot is this in Australia?

Philly Blunt says:

1:58 Holy fuck.

mikelh says:

Mavericks is a lot faster.

Bruce Mackenzie says:

Crap music – ruins epic footage.

Lauren Postons-Cowan says:

@lilromance95 who is he I live in Cyprus and might know him! The waves here aren't really THAT big here but they can get some height 😛

Lauren Postons-Cowan says:

Them- 😛
Me- :O
Shark- 😀

byNOBODY141414 says:

Iv seen bigger in aus

MatsKemper says:

0:30 is fucking dope, can't believe he'd try that on a wave that big

MrDazp1 says:

Great video images.

Steve Klimentos says:

My cousin from Cyprus thought our waves in Australia are really small.He needs to go to western Australia ,I think

fashpart says:

way to pick the worst song ever made

Henry Pearce says:

@skalanu oh yeah

Ofek Burstin says:

ive been there and im almost 15

kellys Loc says:

@damonthebossful Holy Crap!!! Looks like Waimea and Jaws wrapped up into one!! Those are sum phuckin bombs…They were not only rushing it, but ripping too!This clip made my night!

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